Saturday, 24 July 2004

For the attention of Gerry, Denis, Stephen and John

This might help.


The website is a little bit pompous but it might be interesting - but, then again, it might not. The Manifesto is worth reading.


Friday, 16 July 2004

Allawi shot prisoners in cold blood: witnesses

After the horror stories of Abu Ghraib prison, the Coalition have clearly learned their lesson and have appointed a new Prime Minister who will end the violence.

When Herr Rumsfeld said that he had seen worse pictures than those the public got to see, I guess he meant this.
But you know all this. It's all over the papers. Even Elton John is upset.

Thursday, 15 July 2004


I submit to a number of blogs and it's a pain to check each of them in turn to find out if there are any new posts. But Bloglines can do this for you. You simply tell it which "feeds" to watch and it tells you whenever there's a new post. You can even download a "notifier" that sits in your system tray and pops-up whenever there's a new message (warning: this seriously interferes with your work).

Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 Doesn't Go Far Enough

After the right wing criticism of Moore's movie, here is some left wing criticism - this time claiming that the movie doesn't go far enough. After reading it, I sort of see why Moore steered the road that he did.

Saturday, 10 July 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11

I saw Michael Moore's new movie on Wednesday evening at a preview in Glasgow. I enjoyed it very much. Not much new - but he tells it so well.

I see that the Republican's latest maneuver is to play-down this film (after trying to destroy it's credibility). But MM appears to have done his homework and the sites that claim to repudiate Moore's assertions don't actually challenge what he is saying - they simple quibble about trivia.

How come this movie is on limited release? It's won awards, it's the highest earning documentary in history, and is second top of the American box office. But my local multiplex isn't showing it. Now that's strange - especially when you consider the garbage that is usually offered.

Wednesday, 7 July 2004

New blogs

Michael Moore has started one and Chomsky's had one for a long time.

Thursday, 1 July 2004

I don't know if they can fix your computer problems but they sure look good.