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The Rise of the Proletariat

You will be familiar with the horror of Orwell's famous 1984 novel. The nightmare vision of an oppressive society where members of the Inner and Outer Party are subject to constant surveillance and restriction of liberty.

The central character, Winston, is a member of the Outer Party, who are subservient to the requirements of the Inner Party and subject to relentless oppression. You will recall that the split of the general population in this order is approximately 5% Inner Party 15% Outer Party and 80% Proletariat.

Of course the Proletariat were too illiterate, ignorant and too busy getting stoned and giving each other syphillis for the Inner Party to bother subjecting them to the elaborate surveillance methods foisted on the Outer Party. The 'Proles' were content merely to stew in their own filth and whilst massively outnumbering the Inner Party elite, posed no threat to their continued dominant position.

Recently (within the last 9 months), I have subscribed to social software sites Bebo and Facebook. This experience (particularly Bebo) has led me to believe that our society is proceeding speedily to a level of lumpen proletarianism in proportion to that in Orwell's novel.

I have been scolded by a few friends for posting "political shite" on my Bebo page, and told politely that "Bebo is for fun no boring political shite". I am talking CHomsky-esque stuff here, about the easily observed contempt with which Captialist Governments treat their working class populations. Nothing spectacularly controversial or inflammotary such as 'Brits out of Ireland Now' or 'Blair is war criminal'.

Ironically in the course of one of these conversations, the person offering me the benefit of their "wisdom" proceeded to embark, without a trace of irony, on a fairly tedious whinge on the fact that the management team in his workplace were given bonuses achieved on the back of the workers' performance. I was also informed that "unions arenae worth a fuck", as if a union is a service such as dry cleaning, whereby you pay your money, sit back and someone else does some work on your behalf. Divide and Rule right enough.

You will perhaps consider this a strange source for political philosophy, but I recall a passage from a U2 biography, now safely ensconsced in my loft, where lead singer Bono, quotes someone [I wish I remember who] who observed that under Capitalism, individuals identify themselves by what they consume, not by what they contribute i.e. I am a Westlife fan, I watch Coronation Street, I drink Tennent's lager etc.

Another feature of 1984 was 'Newspeak'. This was a process of systematically discarding words from the vocabularly year on year, thereby ostensibly restricting the ability of the population to articulate and ultimately to think for themselves. How do express resentment when you have no word for it?

I may be accused of being a Grammar Fascist, but the recent trend for young people to communicate by 'txt language' seems worryingly remiscent of this Orwellian vision. OK, obviously this is not a state sponsored assault on our ability to communicate and philosophise, but perhaps one inflicted by the economy of technology.

I am perhaps being arrogant, but I sometimes consider that if this authoritarian society existed today, I would number in the Outer Party, ahead of the Proles. However, this is not altogether a comforting thought. Perhaps I should drop the Noam Chomsky posts and concentrate on posting about how shite Gary Caldwell is!

I've been thinking about this for some time now, but I would like to tell you about the trigger that prompted me to put this stream of consciousness on the blog today. A few days ago, I came across a person on Facebook with the same name as someone I used to work with but with no profile photo. With no way of telling id this was the same person, I decided to contact him through a friend invite and was accepted in due course. Turns out the guy in question is not actually the person I thought he might be.

However, I decided to have a quick nosey at his profile and was struck by the sheer mind-numbing mediocre banality of the information therein. Someone actually thought this stuff was worth sharing with the world. This fella is 20 years old, not 12 believe it or not, however he is by no means a unique example :

Personal Info






Favorite Quotes: DUN NO RELI


I find women are even more prone them men to utter banality.

Here is my photofit Female Bebo profile (25 years+):

Interests = Shopping, TV, dancing.
Music = Westlife, Robbie.
Movies = Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman
TV = Corrie, Eastenders, X Factor [rotate with pishy 'reality' show of the moment]
Books = None. Heat magazine at a push (occassionally Jordan's biography)
About me = I am mad me. I love a laugh and a dance and a drink wi ma pals.

Oh well... back to my fascinating and uplifting socio-political research into how the oil is running out and the elites are going to fuck as all in the resource wars of the 21st century!

Monday, 28 April 2008

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Why the huns sing 'Rule Brittania'

Copy of posts made to Celtic Quick News (following Celts 2-1 win on 16th April)-

One thing that I can't get my head around is the hordes last night belting out "Rule Brittania". It was their loudest chant all night.

Honestly, what is that about? How could 50,000 Scottish people do that?

You wouldn't get that sung at an EPL game FFS!

the mind boggles!


That's because so much of their identity is directed at hatred of
all they think Celtic, Catholics, and the Irish stand for.

They think of us as Catholics - F the pope! They think of us as
immigrants - send them back. They think of us as Irish - Rule
Brittania. They see some of us identifying with Palestinians - bring
out the Israel flags. They perceive some sort of socialist identity
at Celtic - make Nazi salutes.

I can't wait until they see Celtic as a club strongly against transvestitism.

Celtic - 3 Rangers - 2

Barry Robson wheels away in celebration

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Scottish media pander to Rangers' fixture congestion tantrum and lies

The Scottish newspapers have taken to covering the SPL's extension decision with an across the board "Rangers fury at SPL" therefore unashamedly implying that Rangers are the injured party in all this. It seems Rangers are unhappy because the favouritism shown to them does not amount to enough favouritism.

The BBC join in by making sure Martin Bain's rant is given the highest priority possible in their coverage. His whinge about having to play 4 games over 8 days and this infringing on sporting integrity [stop laughing at the back there!] is helpfully put in a big bright red box to highlight this to all and sundry and ensure no-one misses this gross injustice. Needless to say Peter Lawwell's comments are nothing more than a footnote to the Bain rant and are given no such prominence i.e. no fancy big coloured box to make them stand out. "Old Firm" bias right enough.

"Rangers pointed out that the last time a Scottish team reached the UEFA Cup final - Celtic in 2003 - a fixture was moved to give them a full week to prepare"

Celtic were indeed allowed to bring a league game with Dundee forward from the Saturday to the previous Wednesday. This did not involve extending the season in any shape or form. In fact this actually disadvantaged Celtic in terms of the SPL as it left only 3 days preparation and rest before the Dundee game instead of the original 7. Celtic were willing to prioritise the UEFA Cup final and so were happy with this arrangement. By all means Rangers, bring forward all the fixtures you want, but the SPL season should not be extended by one minute. Anything else is favouritism and ultimately cheating.

Funnily enough, media coverage of Celtic's fixture congestion that Bain and Murray's media lapdogs use as smoke and mirrors, was just a tiny wee bit different in 2003 CELTIC BRANDED MOANERS

However, we all know that Rangers' dummy spitting act has nothing to do in the slightest with a UEFA Cup final that they haven't qualified for.

So far this season, they have put the rest of us mere mortals to shame with their "sporting dignity" (c) Baldy Bain 2008 - by asking for an extension to the season by not asking for one - WALTER SMITH: RANGERS NOT ASKING FOR AN EXTENSION

Then they throw their toys out of the pram when they don't get the extension they never asked for, or the extension they are given - which they never asked for - is not long enough for their liking.

Dignity or what eh?

This almost makes as much sense as their "FIFA ruined our plans to field Cousin against Panathinaikos by not letting us...em.. sell him" (see Ranger, Daily 12/02/08 "FIFA leave Walter's UEFA Cup plans in tatters")

Which just so happened to be another instance where Rangers wanted to change the rules mid-season to suit themselves. FIFA treated them with the contempt they deserved, incurring the wrath and fury of the Scottish press (cue lots of references to "bumbling FIFA officials" - what about "bumbling Ibrox officials"?)

Is there not some sort of award we can give them for their unparalleled dignity and "sporting integity" (c) Bain in the Backside 2008 ??

Back to the BBC and their Rangers mouthpiece copy:

"Yet Rangers are the only club to be asked to play four games in eight days, so there is no sporting integrity (c) Martin Brainless 2008"

Rangers are the only team to be asked to play four games in eight days because they are the only club who asked for, and were granted, postponement of one of their own league fixtures and then chose not to reschedule this for dates available in December. They are also the only club who couldn't keep their ground in playable condition due to rain and who failed to beat Hibs and Partick Thistle at the first time of asking. Who does the Brainless wonder blame for that?

"So I don't see what the SPL have done for Rangers in terms of aiding them in European competition"

Em... apart from allowing you to postpone league games on request??

No doubt sensing that Bain was making a bit of an arse of himself, the BBC did not publish verbatim the following which appeared on the official Rangers website -

"Why is the season simply not extended to conclude on May 27 regardless?"

Remember the bit about not asking for a season extension?

This statement is simply stunning in its arrogance. Five other clubs are supposed to wait for fully 17 days before resuming to suit Rangers? Bain does not explain how extending the season to 27 May would assist them in the UEFA Cup. The "we only want help in Europe" veil slipping a wee bit there.

Other factors Bain does not address in his sheer arrogance and crass stupidity are - international fixtures on 19 May (Greece), 24 May (Holland) and 26 May (Poland). All of these national teams are entitled by FIFA rules to demand that players report to their respective squad for Euro 2008 no later than 24th May. Extending the season would result in this factor becoming a significant predicament.

Oh but wait a minute, that would only disadvantage Celtic so that would be perfectly OK.

Although Bain's assertion is clearly absurd, the BBC treat it seriously and attempt to give it some credibility by paraphrasing it, and at the same time very cleverly spinning their phrasing to portray Celtic as the stubborn and unreasonable party -

"Rangers had wanted the season delayed until 27 May, but even delaying it until 22 May disappointed Celtic"

Very judicious use of the word "even" there. Take a bow BBC Spin doctor Ronnie Esplin!!

The Sun leads today with "THANKS FOR NOTHING Rangers fury at run-in nightmare" accompanied by a photo of the Cardigan looking suitably forlorn. Out of the closet hun, Bill Leckie, predictably argues that Rangers should be allowed to play two games after the Cup Final after all the other teams have completed their programmes. He also goes on to quote the "precedent" set in 2003 but fails to explain at what point the season was extended at that particular time.

The Evening Times goes with "OLD FIRM FURY OVER SPL 'JOKE'". Needless to say, Bain is the source of the 'joke' comment. The sub-heading reads "Bain: They've done nothing to help Gers", as if somehow the SPL's remit includes helping Rangers win the SPL.

Admittedly an easy mistake-a to make-a considering the SPL's Rangers pandering through this and other seasons.

Bain's statements in the Evening Times become even more farcical than those released through the Rangers website and their unofficial mouthpieces in the media -

"If these proposals are being seen by anyone in any way as a victory for Rangers, then that is an absolute joke"

The biggest joke in this whole scenario is a dead-heat between Bain and the SPL.

Note the interesting reference to "proposals" rather than "decision". Stay tuned folks...

"Yes it's a modest extension, but..."

More than any other team in the history of the Scottish League has been granted.

"We understand that this would inconvenience some other teams, but..."

They are not as important as Rangers.

"There has been talk in certain quarters about sporting integrity of the league and how that had to be retained, but..."

Ooooooh get those claws back in pussycat! The logical interpretation of the above is that "sporting integrity" (c) Bartin Main 2008, can go out the window now.

But for the real pinnacle of shameless hypocrisy, lying, two-faced, cheating [insert similar adjective]... try this for size...

"So far Rangers have been handed back-to-back Old Firm games at Parkhead and a schedule of seven away games out of the last nine league games. I was prepared to accept those fixtures from the SPL as they gave me a rationale behind that scheduling."

Presumably that rationale went something like this:

Blair/Gold:"We'll front load the fixtures for you with far more home than away games to give you an easy time before the split. Hopefully Timmy will crumble under the pressure of constant away games after their Champions League fixtures and the Gers will be out of sight by the split. If not we can always fix it so you get a couple of home games to finish with."

Bain/Murray: "Good work Agents Orange and Tangerine".

You really could not get a clearer personification of sheer bare-faced duplicity and hypocrisy. Rangers FC are going to stop at nothing to get this league title by foul means or fouler. Diving, cheating, withdrawing players from internationals on false pretences, postponing games at will, getting the seasone extended on demand.

This club forgot the meaning of the word dignity a long time ago.

Hun admits Rangers are liars

Interesting snippet of conversation from an online messageboard -

Mon, 24 Mar 2008 19:47:27 -0000
" \\¯`·. ¸biz¸. ·´¯/"

Re: Rangers pull 4 players out od Scotland Game

"liam67" wrote in message
news:4217fbbb-ae3e-4384-acc c-74764fd5ebc3@d21g2000prf. googlegroups. com. . .
"FishSupper" wrote:
> "Moody Marco" wrote:
> >>http://news. bbc. co. uk/sport1/hi/football/ internationals/7310062. stm
> >> I wonder if they will all be fit for the weekend ?
> > It's a bloody friendly. Rangers players have major fixture congestion,
> > and every single fixture is more important than an international
> > friendly.
> Is the right answer.

>Are the gang of four lying if they tell Burley that they are injured
>and can't play then?

We're verging on new levels of pettyness now. . . .

I'll bet you are intelligent enough to know how it works. Mr Burley doesn't
simply ask players to give him a run-down on their fitness!
This info will come directly from the club - probably the medical staff -
and may or may not be 'influenced' by Messrs Smith and McCoist.

Fact of the matter is - any player who misses an international through
injury, and then recovers to play in league football, cant simply be called
a "liar" based on suppositions and a hatred for that player's club.

I don't see why a club can't withdraw players from International friendlies
and just declare 'domestic commitments' or 'fatigue' as the reasons. . . It'd
do away with all the conspiracy theorists' palava!


i.e. The "conspiracy theorists' palava" is correct!
They are not injured and we can argue semantics about who is lying to who but Rangers FC have acted in a dishonest manner and in future we should be permitted to be open about how dishonest we are - ergo making us honest! You couldn't make it up!!.

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Monday, 14 April 2008

How to smear Celtic supporters as mindless bigots with dignity

I am the casebook paranoid Celtic supporter, but even I was astonished at the following article in the Sunday Herald by some hack called Kenny Hodgart.

In the closing paragraph, Hodgart contends that Celtic supporters "would rather see some bead rattling Hoopy the Huddle Hound in the Celtic dugout"

The article also has a thinly disguised swipe at customary easy target for the bigots, Aiden McGeady - "Aiden McGeady also proved himself to be a more astute individual than previously given credit for...". Hodgaet doesn't expand on the basis by which he previously assumed Aiden to be "less than astute", however no doubt it goes along the lines of the familiar mainstream media assault over his choosing to play for the "tattie munchers" over Scotland (presuming he was ever asked which is a big assumption).

Someone on CQN observed that this guy is nightclub editor for The List magazine and that their website has an "I Saw You" facility, intended for nightclub patrons who didn't have the courage to approach the object of their affections on a Saturday night. The suggestion was that messages could be posted to Mr. Hodgat to take him to task, but NOT of an abusive nature as no doubt these would be used to further smear the name of the club.

I could not resist taking the opportunity and have posted below the article, as well as the message posted by liam* from CQN.

A big "Well done" on Sunday's contribution to the media agenda to stereotype Celtic supporters as a bunch of mindless bigots, and a good wee dig in at Aiden McGeady to put the icing on the cake.

The master will be pleased.

I look forward with keen anticipation to your next effort on why Rangers have started playing so much better since they signed those "nigger" strikers and why Celtic refuse to sign any "pakis". A sure sign that the club is rotten to the core with racist as well as sectarian bigots.

Yours in subservience to the party line,

"I saw you...Kenny Hodgart...being sectarian in the Sunday Herald... referring to kaffliks as "bead rattlers". Who you going to have a go at next Kenny, Islam or Judaism? Your colleagues on The List and the Sunday Herald must be so proud that you can get such a substantial reaction by using a wee bit of religious bigotry." Liam, CQN

The Sunday Herald has previous when it comes to anti-Catholic sentiment.

How to act with dignity while abroad


Sunday, 13 April 2008

How to respect the beliefs and culture of others with dignity

This from the "well-behaved" supporters hand-picked by Rangers FC to travel to Lisbon for the UEFA cup tie. The comments associated with the video on youtube are a mixture of foreigners bemused and disgusted at the banner, and knuckle dragging huns revelling in it. They really don't get it do they? This was actually posted by someone who is clearly a Rangers supporter. In true knuckledragging style the Rangers support can't even get their racial stereotype correct. But, hey, Korea is just up the road from Japan and they all look the same anyway. I hear the French are all just a bunch of transvestite haggis-munchers too.

From this to Artur's "voodoo" and BJK, hatred is like oxygen to those who follow Rangers. And I'm afraid that I do not accept this poison comes only from the legendary "small minority". As I pointed out, this is supposed to represent those Rangers supporters who can be trusted to keep up the club's reputation. They certainly managed that.

The guys in the studio thought it was funny, just like Scott Booth thought Boyd's dive was. I wonder if the media would be so reticent if Celtic fans unfurled a banner calling Daniel Cousin a cannibal?

The Artur Boruc "Voodoo" banner was the work of the "Blue Order" a group who are officially sanctioned by the club to lead and direct the choir in a "non-sectarian" manner. Again I say if this is the "cream" of the Rangers support they are even more rotten than I had imagined. Plenty of stewards and police who could have intervened. Sorry I was being silly there.

Didn't want to embed this one, but if you have a particularly strong stomach, here is a link to a "minority" of Rangers supporters demonstrating concern for the victims of child sex abuse with dignity.

Who in their right mind would willingly be associated with this stuff?

Friday, 11 April 2008

No wonder Robert Kennedy was assassinated

There was no way the military industrial complex could tolerate this kind of talk. Is it conceivable that a serious mainstream presidential candidate would make such a speech today? I doubt it.

How to handle the media with dignity - no.2

This is how you do it...

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Monday, 7 April 2008

How to dive and attempt to get an opponent sent off with dignity - no.1

And the guy even has the gall to go moaning to the referee after his farcical dive.

Not a peep in the media of course. Scott Booth actually seemed to find it quite amusing.

Selective reporting complaint to Evening Times


I have just read your account of the Dundee Utd v Rangers match of Sunday 6th April.

Nowhere in this article do you mention Kris Boyd's inflammatory gesture to the Dundee Utd supporters after scoring Rangers' third goal. Boyd was clearly seen via Setanta's TV pictures, placing one finger over his mouth and pointing to three stands of the Tannadice stadium in turn, in a manner clearly intendented to indicate that the Dundee Utd fans should "shut up" or "arnae singing any more".

I found this strange, because I knew that as a journalist of some integrity; nay dignity, you have expressed grave concern in the past regarding professional footballers indulging in such reprehensible behaviour and am convinced you would have found this most unpalatable and worthy of criticism.

I can only assume then, that you missed the incident in question and hence didn't have the opportunity to include it in your notes. I have included a link to bring this to your attention (refer to footage at 3.43)

In the interests of fair and balanced journalism, I look forward to you highlighting this incident in tomorrow's edition and appropriating some criticism where merited. Whilst the gesture made by Mr. Boyd could not be considered "possibly obscene" - as clapping and waving to the opposing supporters clearly is - it most certainly could have "provoked an ugly, even violent response" among the Dundee Utd fans. If this had panned out, surely Mr. Boyd would have been the one to blame.

I look forward to you re-dressing the balance in your, up until this point, impeccably neutral reporting.

Yours in Sport,

Tony Bananas

Sunday, 6 April 2008

That wasn't even a yellow card - Murdo MacLeod loses the plot

Let's put the shambles that is Celtic's title challenge behind us and get on with some good old paranoia.

Was listening to the game yesterday and Murdo McLeod did his nut when Boab FTP got his marching orders. I presume he must have had access to TV pictures at the time because he went on to say "the referee will realise he got that totally wrong when he sees that on the TV. That wasn't even a yellow card"

I want to know what kind of drugs Murdo is taking these days.

On to today, and after his goal, Kris Boyd put a finger to his lips and pointed to three stands full of United fans in turn and told the to shut up.

Needless to say the Laptop Loyal will be suitably ouraged at this taunting of opposition fans

Yes I've got my sense of humour back.

We will return!

The blind optimism has disappeared. From "generation of domination" to "Gordon Strachan must go" in 90 minutes. I give you Celtic Quick News.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Lennon relishes new Celtic role

Here's hoping he works some magic and does what seems impossible this season... starting this afternoon against Motherwell.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

How to tell lies with dignity - lesson 1

A classic piece of Orwellian doublespeak from the Rangers FC Ministry of Propaganda -

Walter Smith - "if we were to progress in all tournaments then it becomes practically impossible for us to play the games. But can I just clarify no-one from Rangers has ever asked the SPL to extend the season"

So Wattie in translation - we're not asking for an extension it's just impossible for you to play all the games in time? Well the SPL have no choice have they? A Philadelphia lawyer has nothing on the Divine Cardigan.

Walter Smith - "If we do carry on being successful and we have the number of games then, from our point of view, you'd expect a wee bit of help"

Seems perfectly reasonable. The SPL, media and referees have already bent over backwards, or rather, simpered in prostrate reverence for Rangers this season.

"It might become impossible for them not to extend the season to let us fit in the games. But so far no-one from Rangers has asked the SPL or anyone else to extend the seaon."

Interesting use of the words "so far" there...

Is there no end to the cynical and duplicitous lengths this club will go to?

Wattie seems very keen to make it clear that Rangers are not asking for an extension. Does this mean that he acknowledges that this would be an unfair and unprecedented act.

The SPL will be hoping that the huns win the next Old Firm game [goes without saying] and get out of sight in the league race. Then they can save face by saying you're not getting your extension, safe in the knowledge that it's sewn up anyway.

How do teams from England, Spain, Italy etc. who regularly compete in the later stages of European competition cope? Oh, that's right by not asking for their own league games to be postponed!! It's a totally farcical stance

Bill Hicks - JFK and mind control

Who owns you [NSFW]

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

The league is lost

We need to face facts - the league is over. Rangers will win it by a bigger margin than the current six points. Two games into Brown's "all we need to do is win the remaining games" master plan, we've blown it. Now Naka's at it. My advice to the team is to concentrate on winning at least one of the upcoming Old Firm games at Celtic Park before Walter Smith has a better record against Celtic than against Gretna.

But no matter how the league goes, I would not sack Strachan. He will have learnt more in defeat than in the two previous league wins. He's been badly let down by his signings. It takes talent to sign Henrik Larson; it takes strong drugs to sign Hesselink - not to mention Zurawski, Donati, Sno, Graveson, Aliadiere and Jarosik. Who "spots" these guys? You could go into any big European league with a blindfold and sign just about any half decent player in any half decent team and he would stand out in the Scottish league. So why sign Hinkel? Maybe they traipse around Europe with a sign: "Mercenary journeyman wanted. Crap league and weather. Champion League opportunity. Must be injury-prone. Excellent money."

Keep Strachan. Give him more money this summer, and sack a few scouts.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

BBC Sport Scotland response to rambling paranoia by Mr. Bananas of Glasgow

Dear Mr Bananas,

Thank you for your comments.

We can assure you that BBC Scotland's approach to this particular story
reflected a typically impartial stance.

The story was carried by most, if not all, of the media outlets in
Scotland and much of the UK media followed suit.

UEFA stated that they were looking at evidence brought to their
attention of sectarian singing and chanting by Celtic supporters in
Barcelona. That this did not subsequently develop into any sort of
formal enquiry does not mean that there was no story.

Just because a decision was taken that "no disciplinary case will be
opened" does not mean that there was not at the outset considered to be
a case that merited some level of scrutiny.

The withdrawal of the Rangers players from the Scotland squad and the
situation that saw Barry Robson returned to his club were fairly and
accurately reported without any undue reference to the conspiracy
theories much loved by fans.

The views of Dado Prso, as a former professional footballer and
team-mate of the Rangers players, were relevant and likely to be of

He simply commented, from an informed perspective, that players were
likely to be tired and conceivably less than fully fit at a point in the
season where they could have played up to 50 games.

We hope this answers the points of your email.


BBC Sport Scotland

Thank you for your reply.

However I am not surprised at the sentiments expressed within. Your response regarding UEFA's investigation misses the point I was making. Indeed this may well have been an issue worthy of coverage, however the fact that it was widely believed that the source of these allegations was a Scottish ex-journalist would also, I believe, be newsworthy, but as yet has not been brought to light by the BBC or to my knowledge any other Scottish media outlet.

Why a headline such as "Celtic fans cleared of sectarian chanting" could not have been used, instead of one that infers that a CASE was "dropped" i.e. that there is some doubt as to whether anything untoward had taken place, I suppose is explained away as another coincidence. Yes indeed there was a STORY but the STORY was that Celtic fans and the club were CLEARED.

Or does BBC Sport Scotland advocate guilt by assumption and innuendo in the lack of any evidence?

As for the views of Dado Prso - as a former Rangers employee, he is hardly likely to represent an unbiased and balanced view on the actions taken by the club and a doctor who was also a former employee of Rangers. If the BBC honestly feels that publishing Prso's comments verbatim under a sympathetic headline of "Rangers players deserve a break" with no form of critical analysis, represents fair and balanced reporting, then you may as well publish Rangers FC PR releases word for word in future. By all means print what Prso has to say however a second opinion from an impartial source may also have proven worthwhile.

Incidentally I also refer to BBC coverage of Stephen McManus's withdrawal from a previous Scotland squad in 2006 [ironically under Walter Smith's stewardship] which asserts that McManus was "forced to withdraw by his club". http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/internationals/5238616.stm

I can only assume that Stilian Petrov was unavailable at the point to vouch for the fact that McManus needed a rest?

To date I can find no mention on the BBC website concerning the views expressed by Gordon Strachan regarding Barry Robson's state of fitness when reporting for the Scotland international squad. This is especially strange considering the prominence given by the BBC to Dado Prso's comments. Never mind I'm sure that is just another "conspiracy theory" as you so helpfully refer to in your response.

I find it almost laughable but at the same time deeply disappointing that the BBC should choose to justify its stance on these issues by saying, in essence, "it was reported that way by everyone else in Scotland and the UK ergo these pronouncements are fair and impartial". I niavely thought that an organisation of the BBC's reputation and standing would be capable of independent investigation before coming to fair, impartial and reasoned conclusions based on evidence.

Not, as it appears to myself and many other fans, casting hints and innuendos by selective wording of headlines, repeating PR verbatim from ex-Rangers FC employees and jumping to the drumbeat of the lowest quality tabloid trash in Scotland.

I do thank you for taking the time to respond to me. In all honesty, I did not expect the BBC to admit it panders to the same malaise afflicting most of the printed press in Scotland but was intrigued as to what the justification would be for this propaganda (we should swap glasses - where you see "conspiracy theories", I see "propaganda" and "the party line").

Unfortunately I remain in a state of questionable mental health and continue to be a devotee of those much loved "conspiracy theories"

Mr Bananas

Science Against Evolution