Friday, 30 June 2006

Periodic table

I might have studied Chemistry beyond O Grade if this had been around 30 years ago.

Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Sunday, 25 June 2006

Tuesday, 6 June 2006

World Cup

A while back we talked about England's chances of winning the WC. Sven was the weak link but they had a great team. Now they have no Rooney, Owen is distinctly off the boil, Cole is just back from injury, Ferdinand has had a poor season and their midfield looks a bit muddled. Or is that just wishful thinking? Can you wait to see that robotic dance again? Oh yes and Sven is still the weak link.

I can't see past Brazil but the French forward line looks good. Holland also look strong up front but that is a difficult group. I wonder if the Ivory Coast will be the first African team to do really well. There's always Germany.

For the first time I have seen FIFA rankings. They are complete rubbish. USA number 4? Linking to an earlier blog, this is not the time to be without television. I think it should be great coverage especially on digital. I used the red button to watch the English Cup Final this year. There should be a lot more flexibility in when to watch and what to watch. But anyway the games will finish about ten so there is still time to get into the back garden with a ball and score a few goals. Get practicing that robot dance. You know you want to.

Saturday, 3 June 2006

There's only one thing worth debating online

Online quarrelling is addictive, in precisely the same way Tetris is addictive. It appeals to the 'lab rat' part of your brain; the annoying, irrepressible part that adores repetitive pointlessness and would gleefully make you pop bubblewrap till Doomsday if it ever got its way. More.

Friday, 2 June 2006