Sunday, 20 February 2005

Possible title losing defeat

Quick thoughts on this game. Rab Douglas has played his last game. Too many terrible mistakes in crucial games (Porto cup final the worst). I think Sutton should be upfront with Petrov through the middle. These are our best players and we should play them in their best positions. On the face of it perhaps Bellamy won't be prolific. The postponement last week was a blow. The goal difference looks like it is worth a point. We need to win every game. It might come down to which fixtures are at home. The Rangers goal difference at home is immense. On the plus I thought Balde was great. In fact the defence really didn't look troubled until the goal.

On another note I was surprised by those recent turnover figures where Celtic were earning more than Rangers. Is the business being run correctly? Was there not a case for some investment? Anyway you don't get games like that in Kenya. 25 years where did it go?

Blogs under the spotlight

Blogs not only report the news but sometimes create news. This excerpt from an American TV show explores this new phenomenon and questions the validity and professionalism of bloggers.

Saturday, 19 February 2005

Back from Kenya

I got back from Kenya last Friday - but it's taken me a week to find my feet. It was harder than I thought to go from winter to summer and back to winter again. That and my body clock being totally screwed-up after 2½ weeks of early rises (I'm talking 6am every day) and early to bed (sometimes as early as 9pm).

I'm still working through my photographs. Digital photos are great but it takes a long time to do your own processing (download, review, edit and finalise). I'm just about there.

I maintained a (paper) journal while I was there and I'm currently turning this into a photo-and-story blog. It will take a while to complete.

Internet access is dire in Kenya so I had some catching-up to do when I got home. The Net feeds your brain and I missed some of the more celebral sites that you come across while surfing.

Friday, 4 February 2005

Holiday blog

I'm posting this from Mombasa in Kenya. Margaret and I in Kenya for our 25th wedding anniversary. We arrived in Mombasa last night, from Nairobi where we spent a week on safari.

The safari was great. We visited four lodges and saw lots of animals. I've got loads of photos some of which I'll post when I get back.

We're currently staying in the Indian Ocean Hotel just outside of Mombasa and it's beautiful. Our house is 20m from the sand and 50m from the sea. It's absolutetely boiling. Around 35C today (and I'm already sunburnt from the safari).

Good news on the transfer front. I'm way behind with the news but I gather that Bellamy signed. I spoke with a Newscastle fan who was glad that he was away. She said he was very talented but disruptive in the dressing room.

Most Kenyans follow the Premiership (I saw last weekend's goals this morning on a TV in the hotel) and most follow Man Utd or Arsenal. The only thing they know about Celtic is that we want into the Premiership!

It's very expensive to go online here so I have to go.

Tuesday, 1 February 2005

Celtic complete Bellamy loan deal

BBC SPORT | Football | My Club | Celtic | Celtic complete Bellamy loan deal
This looks like a brilliant move even if the bloke is a nutter. Racial assaults are a bit worrying. But now that Bobo is staying there may be no more of them. I think this move could win the league and at £45k a week it may be worth it. Especially with Ferguson back at Rangers and the other buys they have made. I think Celtic have looked a bit jaded in the past couple of games. I thought the Henchoz move was good given Balde's recklessness and lack of distribution which we talked about in the European games. But then I started to think about the presence he must have and what it is like physically to play against him. So I'm ok with him staying but with Henchoz also there I wonder what will happen, he may go at the end of the season. I don't fancy a return to three centre backs. Getting rid of Camara was also a good move but what about Juninho. Is he the new Stuart Slater? ( I think that was his name).