Monday, 28 May 2007

Scottish Cup

I went to Saturday's game with Diggy, Denis, Big John and Jackie (Denis's son). It was good to see everyone again. No camera, so no photos.

Pity about the game. But we won the double and that shouldn't be sniffed at. After the game we went to The Last Post in Paisley (almost exactly three years to the day after this blog was first conceived) and discussed the changes that Celtic need to make for next season. There was a consensus that we need to make plenty. I think Strachan knows that too and I'm expecting several new faces for the start of next season - including one or two quality players (in addition to Brown). Interestingly, everyone supported Strachan in spite of a growing discontent with the way the team is playing.

I should have mentioned something about the Celtic Paranoia blog. It's ran by a colleague of mine who specialises in spotting double standards in the media. Tony has an encyclopedic knowledge of Celtic and the media (and is a talented writer). He is currently back-filling the blog from old posts on a mailing list that he ran - but he promised to get up-to-date soon. When he's finished it should be a great resource to check media stories.

The Wire - Better than the Sopranos?

Check out this DVD from Amazon.
Its HBO's "The Wire" which is the best TV to come out of the USA.

The show is shown on Digital FX but I never watch it on TV, I always watch the DVD box sets.
This is Series 1 (I also have Series 2 and 3 on DVD).
Check it out if you can.

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