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Movies, music and football

Went to see Little Miss Sunshine last week and watched The Squid and the Whale on DVD. Two very different films (one uplifting and one definitely not) but both very good and highly recommended.

Listening to John Meyer's new album and my daughter gave me Beck's new album to listen to. I'm enjoying both but especially Meyer's songs.

I went to see Mac Floyd last night at Paisley Town Hall. They were genuinely good. The highlight of the performance was their version of Any Colour You Like, which was almost perfect.

Yesterday's results were great. At 1-0 down to Dundee Utd I was a little worried but Strachan is pretty good at recovering from situations like this. I had a feeling that Inverness might upset Rangers - maybe a draw I thought - so a win was a bonus. The league's not over, and Le Guen is a decent coach, but things are looking good.

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US State Fascism?

US quotes V Nazi quotes

Robert Fisk Article on the Arab Conflicts

Robert Fisk is one of the few (very few) journalists who understands the Arab world and the history of Western control and manipulation.
He has lived in Beirut for years and has reported on all the conflicts and met with all the main players (including Bin Laden)

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The March to WW3

Still looking for Utopia

Site for PARECON (Participatory Economics)

Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Bush tears up the Constitution

Link to article about US Senate granting greater powers to Bush and tearing up the constitution.

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