Thursday, 29 May 2008

Dear oh dear - what a pessimistic bunch

My first visit to this blog and noticed immediately your vote on whether or not we could still win the league. Oh dear! I know there were dark days but you've got to say that there is a distinct absence of hope in the hearts. With all those last minute wins I'd've thought you'd realise that this team was giong to go all the way. Hail Hail and straighten up! Happy clapper, b2k

Sharon Stone's concept of Karma

"And Sharon Stone, a convert to Buddhism, has claimed - to much criticism - that the earthquake that killed at least 68,000 people in China was bad karma for Beijing policy in Tibet. "I thought, is that karma - when you're not nice that the bad things happen to you?" she mused at the Cannes Film Festival."

I would suggest to Ms Stone, that if Karma was dished out purely as a result of immoral, violent and imperialist foreign policy inflicted upon weaker parties; her native country would be suffering some catastrophic disaster every other day!

Hey Joe

More versions here.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Henrik Larsson - Celtic Great

I liked these comments from Henrik Larsson. A true Celtic Great -

Larsson, who scored 242 goals during his seven years with Celtic, added: "This is the club for me. This is where I made myself as a player, this is where everybody got to know me.

"This is the club I am going to be eternally grateful to for giving me that opportunity, when other clubs didn't believe in me.

"This is where I got back into the Swedish national team, playing in European Championships and World Cups, delivering for Sweden. I couldn't have done that without Celtic."

3-in-a-row night out

Dear All,

The plan is to have a wee night out in Glasgow on the 13th June. Nothing excessive. Just 12 or 13 pints - food for the wimps.

Gerry, I know 12 pints are too much for you so you can stop at 11. You can stay at my place.

Billy, I don't have your email address. You can stay at my place.

Denis, You can stay at my place.

Big John, I don't have your email address (but I did send you a text that you have ignored!).

Tony B as WebMeister , you are welcome to join us - talk to Bobby.

Hail, Hail

Friday, 23 May 2008

Rangers FC honours 2007/08

Cup double
Diddy cup winners 2007/8

Season 2007-2008

The 21st Century is looking good so far

2000–01 Celtic
2001–02 Celtic
2002–03 Rangers
2003–04 Celtic
2004–05 Rangers
2005–06 Celtic
2006–07 Celtic
2007–08 Celtic

Sinatra's tribute to Rangers

"That's life, that's what all the people say.
You're riding high in April,
Shot down in May"

Hail to the Champions 2

Walter Smith, Gordon Smith, Lex Gold, George Peat, Scott Boof, Hun Lackie, Darrell King William, Keef Jacksie, BFDJ, Neddy Numpty, Martin Brainless, Sir Moonbeams,diving, feigning injury, season extensions, trying to change FIFA's rules, succulent lamb and red wine, goat sacrificing, the "small minority", RA PEEPULL, anti football... [breath]..

...getting your own games postponed and withdrawing all your players from the Scotland squad in the knowledge that they are fully fit thereby gaining a dishonest advantage over your rivals... CAN YOU HEAR ME WITHDRAWING ALL YOUR PLAYERS FROM THE SCOTLAND SQUAD IN THE KNOWLEDGE THAT THEY ARE FULLY FIT THEREBY GAINING A DISHONEST ADVANTAGE OVER YOUR RIVALS?[breath].... CAN YOU HEAR ME? CAN YOU HEAR ME?






Thursday, 22 May 2008

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Aberdeen FC - No love lost for the Huns

Looks like the Dons' fans want Celtic to win the league, or more accurately, can't stand the sight of the Huns winning the title at their ground -


And Aberdonian sentiment was the same regarding Rangers recent UEFA Cup bore... sorry, adventure -


The Huns Don't Work - The Verve (Title Wobble Mix)


All this talk of winning trophies
It's getting me down my hun
Like a total jakey, waiting to down
Twelve cans and some merrydown

And I hope you're thinking of me
As I lay down in my sick
Now the screens don't work
And we miss Chris Burke
And my mate has chibbed my face again.

Now the screens don't work
Our quadruples fucked
But I know we won the diddy cup.

But I know I'm on a losing streak
'Cause I passed out on the street
And I missed the show, but we all know
The team was really pish again

Now the screens don't work
They just make things worse
And I think the Russians scored again

Now the screens don't work
And we miss Chris Burke
And I think we've lost the league again


My mate has chibbed my face again


I think we've lost the league again


Never comin back never comin back come on
come on come on.

Never comin back Walter never comin back
anti anti football

[to fade]


Sunday, 18 May 2008

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Anti-Celtic TV editing no.392 - Celtic's disallowed goal v Hibs

Setanta decided that Scott McDonald's disallowed goal for Celtic v Hibs today wasn't worth even one replay.

In the TV still below, McDonald is the Celtic player to the left who followed up and put the rebound from this Samaras shot into the net. The other Celtic player is clearly not interfering with play.

No doubt if Hibs had had a goal disallowed we would have been subjected to half an hours worth of replays and debate.

Add this to the penalty not awarded when Murray throttled Caldwell in the box. Even Scott Booth had to admit that it was definitely a penalty that was not awarded.

Where's the hoo-ha in the media about that?

The pro-Rangers media whitewash continues.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Get this guy a job on Sultana TV immediately

Is it just me or does this guy sound like Bobby Lennox??


Friday, 9 May 2008

New Rangers Song

We are Rangers
Super Rangers
No-one likes us
And we're really quite upset about it
We mean, it's not as if we've ever upset or offended anyone, is it?
**** the Pope & everyone else who's not the same as us...

Gonny geez an extension....

(Continue ad nauseam...)


From our Paranoia Correspondent in Germany

Amazing scenes in Frankfurt City Centre this morning. Speaking for myself here but when I´m out in a pub or standing at the bus stop etc. its very easy to filter out background conversation as its a foreign language. As time goes on it gets less easy but I do enjoy it and wish I could do the same when I come back home. Switch on the 'cut out the background BS filter' if you catch my drift.

Germans are a pretty confident, 'just get on with it' type of people and famous for not being very sociable. Well today was a bit of an eye opener. Rush hour in Frankfurt everyone huddled together and talking in a very animated fashion. Heads been shaked. Gasps being released regularly by commuters visibly shocked at the information that they have just absorbed. Increased police presence obviously drafted in. Ambulances and red cross men every half kilometer or so. Every 5th person listen to a radio with more gathered around the radio listener waiting for updates.

I decided to ask a young laddie what all the commotion was about. I could tell from his reaction that he was in utter shock that I was not aware of the recent developments in Germany that have shocked the nation. He told me that his father had awoken him in the middle of the night last night to inform him that

"Das der Hun hatte keinen Liga verlangerungen bekommen und das der Regierung hat zuzätliche infrastuktur organisert für die Opfern das kann nicht diesen trägishen entscheiden vorstellen"

and in translation:

"Rangers league extension has been refused, therefore the German Government has organised extra infrastucture to cope with the effect that the disbelief this decision will undoubtedly illicit among its people"

The Government stopped short of declaring a state of emergency, but it is believed that the military have been mobilised to deal with the expected rioting if Rangers fail to defeat the Russians in the UEFA Cup final.

It's like the Battle of Stalingard all over again.


Thursday, 8 May 2008

David Murray blasts the SPL, UEFA, Manchester City Council, the Pope, Lee Harvey Oswald, people with ginger hair etc. etc. etc.

IBROX STADIUM 15:30hrs Thursday 8th May 2008

Rangers financial guru and all round darned good chappie David Murray is today reported to be furious at the planned fans three-a-side football competition to be held in Castlefield, Manchester prior to the UEFA Cup Final on Wednesday 14th May 2008.

Murray has called the decision to hold such an event deplorable and is reported to have said that it made Manchester City Council the laughing stock of Europe, if not the World, for not allowing the Rangers faithful enough time to prepare for such an event.

He pointed to the fact that the Zenit St Petersburg fans will have had a weekend off to prepare for these vital encounters and has slammed the SPL for not applying more pressure on Manchester City Council to at least have the tournament extended to the following week to allow the fans time to recover from their hangovers and sacking the city……...

George Burley waded in to the debate and said that no other Scottish team would be treated so badly and Rangers fans are victims of their own success following the sacking of Barcelona and should be allowed at least an extra day's drinking time.

Gordon Smith said that Rangers fans have been treated unfairly and questioned why UEFA couldn't disqualify Zenit and switch the opposition to a Catholic team so that the Rangers fans would all know to try extra hard.

Walter Smith was sitting in a corner, in a jacket zipped up the back drooling, and mumbling something that sounded like "McCurry will make sure everyhin's awright"

more news as we receive it…!

Rangers DVD - More Bores than Bears, the stumble to Manchester

Evening Tims Exclusive - Wattie Spits the Dummy

Rangers calendar

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Gordon Smith's UEFA Cup final T-shirt

How to ignore a controversially disallowed Celtic goal to create the impression that Celtic are getting all the breaks from referees and Rangers urnae

As you will remember, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the Scottish media following Zander Diamond's disallowed goal at Celtic Park. Funnily enough Celtic had TWO goals disallowed in the same game which didn't merit a mention in the Daily Ranger, Sun etc. and astonishingly the producers of Scotsport CHOSE not to include footage of either effort.

When I mentioned this to an Aberdeen supporting friend he replied "Obviously there was absolutely nothing controversial about the Celtic goals that were disallowed then."

In that case - please view the footage below and explain the infringement that resulted in this Samaras "goal" being disallowed. At the very least, I am at a loss as to why Scotsport and other TV broadcasters would consider this unworthy of coverage.

If David Murray is looking for propaganda agents to provide bias coverage of Celtic whilst ignoring any potential controversy around Rangers, he could not do any better than those already employed in the Scottish TV and print media.

Monday, 5 May 2008

Darryl King: The mask slips and Davie Provan takes him to task

Unfortunately you have to listen to some cream bun caller here, whining on about refereeing decisions (don't you know that refereeing mistakes have only ever favoured Celtic this season?) before getting to the good bit.

Darrell King is an Evening Times hack who only ever writes about Rangers and has been a "pundit" on Radio Clyde for some time now.

Responding to aforementioned whiney hun caller on the Clyde phone-in last night, and clearly hurting over Rangers' failure to beat Hibs yesterday, King's mask of neutrality slipped badly. He called for the referee of Celtic's game with Motherwell [Paul Conroy] to explain the erroneous decision to award Celtic a corner from which they scored.

Logic may have suggested Saturday evening's Clyde phone-in afforded enough opportunity to analyse that particular incident and that further discussion on the Sunday evening would run the risk of moving into overkill. It might reasonably have been expected that attention could be switched to the respective performances of Rangers and Hibs yesterday; perhaps even - and I'm probably being wildly outlandish here - a bit of debate over why Hibs were wrong denied a clear goalscoring opportunity.

Never mind, there's a media agenda to get on with, to convince us all that refereeing mistakes only ever benefit Celtic [disallowed goals for Celtic - Samaras, McDonald etc. - are cast into an Orwellian black hole never to be mentioned again].

Anyway, in this particular instance, Davie Provan went some way to restoring some semblance of his professional integrity by taking King to task...

How to tell lies (and be a hypocrite) with dignity - no.2

"But can I just clarify no-one from Rangers has asked the SPL for an extension to the season and we will not ask them to extend the season" - Walter Smith, Thu 3rd April 2008

A spokesman for the SPL said: "We had a request from Rangers earlier in the day to have the Dundee United game postponed. We have not been able to agree to that request." - STV website, Mon 5th May 2008

Friday, 2 May 2008