Saturday, 27 February 2010

Tomorrow's game

It's hard to call tomorrow's game. Our away form is awful, having one of the worst goals-against records in the SPL (it's in St Mirren and Hamilton territory). So we can expect to lose a couple of goals tomorrow. If we win, it will be 3-2 or something. Or we might just lose 2-0.

There are other bad signs. Mowbray has a bad "big game" record, having won only one (the game in Moscow) since he arrived. This contrasts badly with MON and wee Gordon's records in these sorts of games. There is a mentality about winning big games that Tony might not have. It's also his first Ibrox match since he arrived so be prepared for a defeat and him talking about "a learning process" after the game.

There are positive signs too. The Club took Billy's advice and complained about the standard of referreeing. Keane is the best player in Scotland by a mile. Celtic are the best team in Scotland.

Having said all that, I predict 0-0. ;-)

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Aberdeen game

I can't help but feel for Tony Mowbray. But what I want to talk about is why MacLean was not booked for taking off his shirt and running to the crowd. I thought that was an automatic booking as happened with Rasmussen a couple of weeks ago. MacLean should also have been booked for kicking the ball away as McGeady was. Two bookings is one red but that only applies to O' Dea. It is so blatant it is outrageous.

I am beginning to think Tony is cursed. We are so much all over teams and don't win and Rangers grind things out. What the Keane and transfers have shown to me is how much people hate Celtic and just pander to the majority view. Even Pat Nevin now makes me sick.

If O'Neil had given us Curtis Davis on loan I would have thought there was a possibility we could have caught Rangers. Then again if we do get close the referees will see to it it doesn't happen but with our defence we will always lose goals so they may not have to bother. I am now really convinced to win any tight league race requires Celtic to also beat the SFA.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Big week coming up

Today's game could be Mowbray's "Inverness Caley". It's almost 10 years to the day when John Barnes resigned because of that result. I see a lot of similarities... a coach who talks a good game, a team that appear leaderless and aimless, and supporters who know their team couldn't be trusted to beat Renfrew Juniors.

I believe the league is a lost cause. In fact, I expect the gap to grow, not decrease. But something could be salvaged out of the season if we start to turn things around. We are very fortunate that our opposition is Dunfermline or Hearts or Aberdeen rather than Wigan or Aston Villa or Everton. "Turning things around" actually means beating a team (Dunfermline) whose entire wage structure doesn't match one of our players, and beating the weakest and most divided Hearts team in the last 10 years, and winning at Aberdeen who are as embarrassing as Celtic.

I was surprised when Big John wrote that he wanted Mowbray to go in January. But events are proving him correct.