Wednesday, 30 June 2004

Official - Hasselbaink will sign for Celtic

I know for a fact that Hasselbaink will sign for us. I don't like it. It's maybe racist, but I wouldn't ever sign a Dutch player. I certainly wouldn't sign JFH.


  1. Can't say he'd be top of my shopping list either. But not because he's dutch. Apparently MON is impressed with Bolton's policy of signing players who are past their sell-by date. I'd rather sign Novo.

    I'm reading an interesting book called "The Wisdom of Crowds" ( The premise is that large diverse groups know more than experts. It makes a pretty persuasive argument. Maybe MON should ask the supporters who he should sign?

  2. He'd get 60,000 different answers.

  3. Loksd like it's Rangers who are after him:

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