Tuesday, 10 August 2004

STV SPL Highlights

Did anyone watch the Monday night highlights? I couldn't remember seeing a worse football show. I went into work today and wanted to talk about it but no-one in the room had seen it. Sinead had only watched two minutes and then put it off she thought it was so bad. And she watches big brother! There must have been about 10 minutes football in a one hour show. Then they had the play of the week and didn't even show you where the bloke collected the ball. And at the end Graham Spiers playing the piano. I was thinking this is absurd, is it meant to be Pythonesque? Are they trying to make a cult classic of rubbish? I then switched off before he finished I couldn't bear to watch it. But now I'm thinking something might have happened then - there may have been a joke at the end. Setanta might have tied up all the rights and we only have 10 minutes of highlights but is there any excuse for this rubbish?


  1. Agreed Gerry. This was pathetic and will need to go. As soon as the opening music started and I heard clapping I thought "no! please don't have a live audience" and sure enough there was the crowd standing on a terracing.

    I watched Celtic (2 mins) and Rangers (2 mins) and chucked it.

    I think you must be right about how much football they are allowed to show.

    Graham Spiers must be regretting getting involved in trash. You can expect it from Andy Walker, but not Spiers.

    It's funny when 2 of the presenters actually make you pleased to see Jim DelaHun.

    This was the big discussion in our work yesterday and I don't know anyone who thought it wasn't cringe material.

  2. Absolutely awful. Watched the Celtic highlights then went to bed. All we really need Dellahunt to say is: "Here are the highlights".

    Reminded me of early "The Word" shows.