Sunday, 25 September 2005

Mankind resolves the Universe

According to NASA, we have now resolved the universe. It's composed of 73% dark matter, 23% cold dark matter and 4% atoms. All created by a Big Bang that still expands the universe at 71km/sec. So there you have it. Problem solved. Unless you think that the big bang and dark matter are science-speak for "haven't a clue". We don't understand our nearest neighbour but claim to understand the entire universe.


  1. Anonymous11:24 am

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  2. Science with its precise measurements always gives the impression of being factual. I suppose it has always done this even when later evidence proved the former to be wrong. What I thought was interesting was that if you are measuring what is constantly expanding how do you know that the constituent parts are always increasing in the same proportions - or it that only an assumption? When you mentioned our nearest neighbour I thought you meant the people next door. Yes I thought I don't know them but then nearer to home do I know myself? Just think of Mike Watson, wake up every day and ask why did I do that?
    But the pictures of the day are great.