Saturday, 11 March 2006

UEFA tackle Rangers' sectarianism

UEFA has moved to charge Rangers over their sectarian conduct. There was an interesting discussion on Friday's 90 Minutes on Radio Scotland when Graeme Spiers and David Egdar of the Rangers Support Trust discussed the problem.

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  1. I sometimes listen to 90 minutes but I missed that one. Good post. Spiers was excellent. It was disappointing to hear that MON declined to condemn sectarian chanting. I think managers should be big enough to say what's right. I never knew Le Guen was a Catholic that really is a big step forward, it should be interesting next year. The Rangers Trust bloke was well roasted (not sexually) but he mentioned that other clubs will be investigated. No doubt Hearts came into focus when they en masse disrepected the silence for the pope. I don't think that was a rebuke to the hypocritical and over the top reaction to the death but simply an intended offensive insult to catholics in Scotland (believers or not).

    The listen again feature is great. I quite often use it to listen to Bob Harris' programmes especially the Thursday night country programme. I see there is a live Dave Gilmour concert on radio tonight and a Van Morrison interview during the week.