Saturday, 1 April 2006

One concert per year

I'm lucky if I go to one concert per year. It's probably less than this. In the last few years I've seen Ryan Adams (which was a bit disappointing) and Christy Moore (who is always excellent). Last week I went to see Jackson Browne at the Concert Hall in Glasgow, a really good venue. I've liked him since school. I remember buying his second album For Everyman in that record shop that was near Paisley library but I don't remember what it was called.

On new music I was listening to the Artic Monkeys when I was in our only music shop during Friday lunch time. I thought it sounded good. I wonder if I can get my daughter to buy it.


  1. I don't go to many gigs myself these days. But Meg got me a ticket for Radiohead in August (in Edinburgh) so I'm looking forward to that. My daughters provide me with lots of diverse listening - they like some of the old stuff (The Smiths for example) and I get to hear lots of contemporary music (such as Sigor Ros and Faithless).

  2. The record shop was called "Listen" across from the library. I walked past it last week (its now some crappy asian alis cave type shop). I was shocked to see what a dump Paisley had become.

    Not been to a concert for ages. Dont like stadium venues (bit Leni Reisenthal for me) and I find the whole worshiping at their feet slightly embarassing. I prefer getting drunk and playing "air guitar" to the tunes on the pub juke box. I never seem to hit a bum note.

    I still listen to new bands via MTV2 and just saw a clip of the Arctic Monkeys performing the 1st single "I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor" and thought they were very good, in parts sound a bit like The Fall only the guy has a better voice and The Buzzcocks who have influenced a lot of new bands.

    I loved The Magic Numbers and The Killers from last year and Eve got me a 4 DVD box set of The Old Grey Whistle Test which really took me back - Wilco Johnston in Dr Feelgood with his manic guitar playing and bands like Focus.

    I must be getting old as I have the urge to buy a Fender Bass on eBay. Next I'll be planning to buy a motor bike.

    Is it true by the way that the first game after Graham Rix's departure the Hearts players all wore number 15 on their shorts as a tribute?

  3. I have many happy memories of the Listen store. It was the highlight of my week to go there and buy a new album. There was another record store on Orchard Street wasn't there? What was that called?

    Good joke about Rix bye the way.

  4. Listen. Thanks for that I could see it in my mind but couldn't remember the name. I like the Smiths but I never really listened to them at the time. I keep meaning to get a hold of some Radiohead. Again I like the Magic Numbers but I don't know the Killers. If I was choosing a bike or a guitar I'd go for the Fender bass its easier to pick up if you fall over.