Wednesday, 10 May 2006

The Plan for a Pan-Euro League, why Celtic need to act


  1. It is tragic that teams like Celtic could be confined to some backwater in football. Was finance or some sop to English clubs the reason we played those testimonials this week. Was it to raise our profile in England? Did you see them? As football matches they were really dire. I think those players selected for Scotland should have been allowed to go.

    The cup finals this week really show the real gulf between the countries. Celtic, Hearts and Gretna in Europe. But I don't think Gretna can do much worse than some of our teams have done in the past few years. Dundee Utd and Dunfermline come to mind.

    We really need to strengthen. I see we might be going for eastern Europeans. This might be a good idea but if we could I would go for Boateng in the midfield. But I agree that in the not too distant future we need to get to a bigger league.

  2. I only saw the Shearer game and it was a disgrace the way Celtic colluded to lose the last 2 goals.
    No Celtic team should ever lose a game on purpose (unless its to deny Rangers winning the league). The match was more like a WWF Wrestling show than a game of football.

    SKY have killed the game in terms of competitiveness. By pumping money into the Premiership, they have widened the gap between the divisions.Promoted teams must decide if they are going to strengthen the team by adding new players with 3 to 4 year contracts at Premiership rates or try and consolidate with what they have. For the former, relegation will mean increased debt,for the latter it normally means certain relegation.
    Corporate football will inevitably lead to a US system where the teams do not get relegated. This is the wish of the G14, they want to be assured of having a place in the European league.
    The only hope for Celtic may be via the European Courts as they may be able to claim that as a company they are being prevented from expanding into Europe by the SFA and FA rules (i.e. restraint of trade)