Friday, 28 July 2006

The Size Of Our World


  1. Just think how small and insignificant we are.

    I'm just back from holiday in Canada. We stayed in Vancouver Island but travelled into the Rockies. Huge place and amazing scenery. It felt like we had really been away. Now back to the usual grind but the blog was right up to speed. Watched the top three videos - good stuff. Will watch a lot more so many groups I don't know and a few Radiohead songs in there so I will hear them at last.

    I missed the WC final and the Zidane headbutt is gone from the blog but I got a good few in the computer game. I did read your post from the Grauniad, there was a weekly version that you can buy. You've probably bought it on your various travels abroad.

    One thing I did regret missing were the final episodes of Spiral on BBC Four. I think it was the best crime series I've ever seen. I've read that it is to be repeated in August. I would recommend that you watch it - 8 episodes. If you have been watching please do not blog what happened.

    Good start for the Celtic but signings a must.

  2. I'd love to visit Canada. Maybe someday.

    Some of the videos are great. My favourite is #7 (Bjork) but maybe I'm biased since I'm listening to a lot of Bjork recently.

    I was pleasantly surprised by Saturday's result against Kilmarnock since we were dire in the pre-season games. And, yes, we absolutely need more and better players. Quickly.

  3. A few years ago I went around the Rockies in Canada. Jasper, Banff etc. Best place I've ever been. I remember driving from Calgary towards them and being totally unimpressed as I thought we had "hills" like this in Scotland. Then I realised I was in the foothills. The Rockies are big.

    A couple of years ago we went to the Southern end of the Rockies in Colorado and Wyoming. Absolutely staggering.

    North American's don't have a clue about how lucky they are. How much they have on their doorstep. Why are they so intent on Fucking up the rest of the world?