Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Radiohead in Edinburgh

I went to see Radiohead last night at Meadowbank Stadium in Edinburgh (part of "T at the Fringe"). I've never seen them live before and thought Thom Yorke was brilliant. They played a few tracks from their forthcoming album all of which sounded good. Great gig. Great night.


  1. I was on a course during the week and a bloke left in the afternoon as he was going with his daughter to watch Radiohead!! Must be a father daughter thing.

    Glad you enjoyed it. There is something good and different about live music both as an event and just hearing the music live and not made in a studio. I take Billy's point about adulation and I do find something ridiculous about the Rolling Stones on tour. But I think that is something about their act. I don't feel the same about Paul Simon or say Leonard Cohen who I heard is going to tour next year because of financial problems and he is in his seventies.

  2. I went to the Rolling Stones gig on Friday at Hampden. It was a good night but very different from the Radiohead concert. For one thing, the tickets were three times the price (£90 compared to £30 - I didn't pay). But the whole event was much more tightly controlled - everyone in their seats, no cameras - not even smoking (tobacco) was allowed. It seemed to be more about making money than their music. BTW Meg (my daughter) took the video - which must be the worst video on YouTube!