Sunday, 5 July 2009

Tony Mowbray

Well, Tony wasn't anyone's first pick for new manager. But he's here now so, I guess, we have to make the most of it. I have a nagging suspicion that he fits in with the Board's vision for Celtic... conservative, careful, nice, agreeable, and, hopefully, successful in relative terms (win the SPL most of the time and don't get embarrassed in Europe). One thing for sure is that it is a huge move away from the vision that brought Martin O'Neil to the club.

Mowbray shouldn't find it too hard to make improvements. Nine wins in the last 18 games, failing to win three consecutive games since November 2008, and failing to score in three of the last four games of the season, is not a hard act to follow. So we should see improvements. He will also not have the same blind spots as wee Gordon and it's good to see Hesselink get shoved out the door at long last. Others should follow.

Our pre-season is the usual silly set of fixtures beginning with one game in Australia. Nice work Peter.

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  1. The first signs look good with Hartley also on the way out and some hints about the captaincy. It would be great to see someone who can lead the team coming in as I'm not sure who really fits the bill from the existing players.

    As far as ambition goes I think if he could match Strachan that would be good. If he does better that would be great, winning the league year on year is brilliant. In fact I would even settle just for the league right now but hopefully we can do better than that and be in Europe after Christmas.