Sunday, 7 February 2010

Big week coming up

Today's game could be Mowbray's "Inverness Caley". It's almost 10 years to the day when John Barnes resigned because of that result. I see a lot of similarities... a coach who talks a good game, a team that appear leaderless and aimless, and supporters who know their team couldn't be trusted to beat Renfrew Juniors.

I believe the league is a lost cause. In fact, I expect the gap to grow, not decrease. But something could be salvaged out of the season if we start to turn things around. We are very fortunate that our opposition is Dunfermline or Hearts or Aberdeen rather than Wigan or Aston Villa or Everton. "Turning things around" actually means beating a team (Dunfermline) whose entire wage structure doesn't match one of our players, and beating the weakest and most divided Hearts team in the last 10 years, and winning at Aberdeen who are as embarrassing as Celtic.

I was surprised when Big John wrote that he wanted Mowbray to go in January. But events are proving him correct.


  1. BBC Scotland ran an item in the sports bulletin on GMS about the 10th anniversary of the ICT defeat. They interviewed Charlie Christie about the game.

    I don't remember anything similar about Berwick Rangers or Hamilton Accies beating the huns.

    They expected (hoped) a Dunfermline win.

  2. Good point Diggy. The huns lost to St Johnstone at home in the PLG era when StJ were a 1st div team, so comparable with out ICT fiasco, and its never been mentioned again since. And there were no spectacular gloating headlines in the papers after that game either a-la "SuperCaleygoBallistic". The huns also drew 0-0 with Berwick in 2002 when they were a THIRD division side and that's another result that is buried in a vault somewhere, never to be spoken of again. I know I'm paranoid yadda yadda yadda. Just wait till the fifth anniversary of the "Du Wei" Clyde game. The Daily Record will be wanting a public holiday and flags flying from the parliament building.