Sunday, 15 August 2010

Inverness CT 0-1 Celtic

BBC Sport - Football - Inverness CT 0-1 Celtic


  1. I watched this game and have been to the 2 games since. Whilst its early days there are grounds for optimism - 3 clean sheets, confidence clearly rising, fans getting behind the team and some genuinely good football. Lennon has made some good signings in Keyal, Juarez and and the big centre half. Even Scott Brown had improved. Let's hope we keep it up

  2. Its looking good. The big centre half could be really important and Forrest is a find and hopefully Paddy McCourt can stay fit. A bit of concern over lack of cover at the back in case of injuries though.

    One away goal could do it on Thursday. I think we need to go through as to exit Europe would really damage the confidence but going into the group stages could really spur us on.

  3. False dawn? What a terrible result what really goes on in Europe? The worst thing is that when I tuned into the radio it was 2-0 and it wasn't even unbelievable.

    We really need to regroup and win on Sunday and go on to win the league. I think Rangers may be a stronger team mentally but they have to cope with Europe with a small squad. This must give us a chance.

    We have to ship out some players Fortune?

  4. Yes, very disappointing and as you say not entirely surprising. Glad to see the back of Fortune but the real challenge is gelling the individuals we've signed into a title winning team.