Monday, 25 October 2010

Celtic 1 Rangers 3

Another disappointment but there is not much between the teams. Celtic lacked creativity so did Rangers. I thought the game could have gone either way. Watching on tv the commentator made great play of Rangers ability to make comebacks. I didn't see it that way. After the first ten minutes Celtic had as much pressure. The Celtic goal you could say came after a short period of sustained pressure.

The Rangers goal came from a good free kick, the second a poor clearance they didn't mount a comeback. They weren't pinning Celtic back they weren't even really pushing forward. The league is not yet lost. I can't see why Celtic can't go on another winning run.

Rangers are without doubt the hardest team in the SPL to break down but I think if we had held on to the lead for another 15 minutes it would have been different. What was disappointing was our response to losing the goals. We looked more than a bit rattled and I couldn't see us scoring

The Stokes tackle was a shocker. There's something about his tackling that reminds me of that Leeds, Man U player Alan Smith. But Rangers are truly an embarrassment with their diving. I would include every player without exception although Lafferty and McCulloch are stand outs. As usual some bad refereeing. The non penalty may have been a turning point but I am not so sure. I though a more crucial refereeing decision was when McCulloch fouled Samaras in the first half - he should have been off. And he knew it and so started to roll around holding his head. Laughable, childish and embararssing but he got away with it. I don't think they would have won with 10 men.


  1. I was disappointed with our performance, Gerry. There maybe wasn't much between the teams but this game was at Parkhead - we should have been the better team. Wait until we go to Ibrox when they are likely to make the most of their home advantage. We didn't.

    Good to see Celtic taking the officials to task. It's all we can do. We must keep complaining. These "honest mistakes" appear to be in one direction.

    Still a work in progress. But I like Lennon.

  2. Have to say I was very disappointed with the performance and I felt there was a considerable nd gap between the teams. Rangers are well organised and physically strong, our guys looked lightweight and disorganised in comparison. I'm not sure about Lennon, certainly better than Mowbray, but worringly he has not won a major game since he took over losing to Ross Co., Braga, Utrecht and now Rangers in must win games. Also some of his signings are starting to look a bit dubious such as big Danny, Ledley and Jaurez, the latter 2 of whom were anonymous on Sunday.