Friday, 28 January 2011

Kris Commons

I've watched Kris Commons for Scotland a few times and reckon I've never seen a worse player (ever) at that level. I hope I'm wrong as usual.


  1. ...great goal. Great player.

  2. Celtic were excellent for half an hour today by which time the game was wrapped up. Commons played his part as part of a very solid midfield with a good shape to it. Time will tell but early signs are that the midfield setup today and on Wed last gets the best out of both Brown and Ledley. One other aspect of the team is I think they show signs of being big game players - as soon as the 'challenge' within a match has been tackled (as it was today after half an hour) guys like Kayal, Izaguirre and Brown drop their concentration levels. The next 4-5 games will show whether this is the case or not.

  3. Aberdeen at Pittodrie was a good start to the next games but I thought we still could have got punished and I wasn't convinced by the defence. That gives me a worry for Rangers. On the other hand I think Hooper looks exceptional and should give Weir a torrid time. I think one of the major factors may be if McCulloch is playing. If he's not I think we will control the midfield especially if Kayal doesn't get booked early on. If we can control the midfield we should win but I would settle for a draw and give them another game to worry about.

    Thanks to anonymous in previous blog. I joined spotify. I couldn't locate the Bruce soundalikes but impressed with spotify.