Saturday, 11 December 2004

Neil Young's Greatest Hits

I'm not a Neil Young fan and haven't listened to much of his music but I picked up his Greatest Hits album today. There's some great stuff. I've transferred it to my Zen to anesthetise
me during my bus journeys to and from work (via sunny Govan).


  1. Looks like a good album. I've always been a Neil Young fan. At school I listened to Buffalo Springfield which I think was his first band. They did at least two albums that are worth listening to. I think you can get them on the one CD. I never bought his albums till later but I caught up on all his early stuff on the Decade album (1966 - 1976). This was a triple album but is a double CD. It covers a lot of the Greatest Hits album but also has the Buffalo Springfield stuff. Some great songs - Helpless, Heart of Gold. One song on the Greatest Hits I really like is Comes a Time. I remember listening to the album that it is on (can't remember its name now) but I didn't like the album I just thought that song was great. The albums that I had on tape at one time were Rust Never Sleeps and Freedom which I think are both great albums. I can't now remember either the albums that Nils Lofgren was on but I think one might be RNS. I think Young's group at that time was called Crazy Horse. I've actually got a video of the RNS concert which I last watched years ago. My memory is that its a bit strange I'll need to watch it again. He is really an amazing artist. I put him up there with Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, and Paul Simon and they probably are singer songwriters that will never be equalled for an amazing output of songs over a whole lifetime. Enjoyable bus journeys to come but watch out for the sticky tape men.

  2. "Down by the River" is wonderful. And "Old Man" is great too. And "Rockin in the Free World".

    "Decade" gets a good write-up. Is there much on it that's not on the Greatest Hits album? Is it a good purchase for a Neil Young newbee?

  3. Decade has more songs but there is a lot of cross over. It looks like the Greatest Hits starts with the Crosby Stills Nash and Young stuff "Cowgirl in the sand". So there is no Buffalo Springfield. So to get stuff you don't have at all you could look up their albums. To go for a really good Neil yound album then Rust never sleeps. An acoustic side and a rock side. Good songs and off the wall lyrics, "welfare mothers make better lovers". Also it was stuck in my mind that "comes a time" wasn't the song I really liked. So I looked on the internet. Comes a time was the album. The song I thought was terrific was "Goin back" (not the one Nils Lofgren covered). It like we said with all greatest hits type albums - they don't always have the best songs but they are good if you don't want to go through the back catalogue. But why don't you try a Steve Earle greatest hits for Christmas as well - go on spoil yourself.