Monday, 27 February 2006

Like a virgin

“Now my sister is thinking of becoming a virgin again for her 45th birthday to surprise her husband." More.


  1. I can't help having the sneaking suspicion that it might not have been as good as they suggest. How can you have that "first time" experience with someone you've been humping for at least the last 17 years?

    It was almost inevitable that they would be American.

  2. And the article had a terrible Stepford Wives feel about it. I couldn't help thinking "why don't their husbands get their dicks lengthened?".

    Talking about humping, I've just watched England play Uraguay and it's going to be great watching them get humped by every half-decent team in the World Cup in June.

  3. But what about Scotland. The highlights reminded me of the Vogts days.

    As for "like a virgin", perhaps we are missing the political angle. Do wealthy American women of a certain age want a rejuvenated Bush? Sorry.

  4. And would a rejuvenated Bush make it more likely that there would be a Second Coming?