Sunday, 19 February 2006

This week's TV

Champions League is back. So we can enjoy Arsenal v Real Madrid on Tuesday and have a snigger at Rangers on Wednesday. Two good movies - Chomskey's Manufacturing Consent tonight (ITV4) and Capturing the Friedmans (C4) on Thursday. The Mark Steel Lectures return on Thursday (BBC4) as does The Apprentice on Wednesday.


  1. So you are not living without television. I am generally of the view that there can't be too much football on TV. But I am reconsidering. I see that Sky Sports 1 are showing Accrington Stanley v Morecambe live tonight. At one time I suppose that might have been thought to be a joke. Maybe there is too much football.

    As for the Champions League Barcelona and Chelsea should be great matches. Hopefully Chelsea have gone off the boil a bit.

  2. No, I haven't given up TV - but I'm very selective. I choose my week's viewing on a Sunday and only watch the programmes that I pre-select. TV is for dead people.

    I agree that football on TV is great. I have a theory that football is a form of escape from the bullshit of everyday life. Although Chomskey (aka Billy) will tell you that sport itself is a form of escape.

    I don't have Sky so I go to my brother's (Stephen) house to watch Sky. I'll cheer Barca and Villareal on Wednesday.