Saturday, 2 February 2008

Another friend dies

Denis's brother-in-law Lenin, died today. He was a real friend who was always fun to be with. I remember some great visits to Newcastle/Durham where Lenin and Margaret always made us welcome (even if they did make sure we did the dishes). I'll miss Lenin's dry sense of humour.


  1. Sorry to hear this. As you wrote, Len had a very dry sense of humour. He was a real character. He also put me up in Newcastle once or twice.

  2. That's another terrible bit of news. I'll echo what you guys have said. I always enjoyed his company. He always made you welcome and was a bloke that made a lasting impression on you for all the right resons.

  3. I remember me and Gerry visiting Newcastle to see Denis in the halls of residence and us going to see Len and Denis's sister (Maureen ?).

    He made us feel welcome and remember him telling us the story about when Denis was staying with them in his 1st year at Newcastle and Denis was shaking the HP sauce bottle having neglected to check if the cap was on, resulting in him throwing brown sauce over his shoulder.

    A man of principle who walked the walk.