Tuesday, 16 December 2008


I'm glad Strachan has suspended McGeady. He is a player who thinks he is better than he is. I hope Celtic get some cash for him in January.

The fact that he called Strachan an A*se Hole 6 times suggests the guy was having a wee breakdown, but I still hope we can get rid of him. He needs Celtic more than we need him. He is not a Kenny Dalglish.

Anyone agree? Disagree?


  1. I mostly agree, since Strachan is in charge, but blaming McGeady alone for some our poor performances is not the answer.

    I suspect Gordon Strachan may pick on certain players and he doesn't appear to be good at handling the maveriks (Graveson, et al), which is a vital skill for a manager.

    But, yes, McGeady is not God's gift but he is one of our better players and, if he goes, we really have got to replace him with (at least) an equally talented player.

  2. I've just caught up with this McGeady stuff. I can't really imagine what running a football team is like. It wouldn't be for me as although I love football I generally dislike footballers. A lot of todays breed are a disgusting bunch.

    I don't put McGeady in there but he does remind me of some (especially) younger people whom I have met at work. They have a very precious sense of themselves and a high regard for the respect they are due. They don't take criticism of any kind very well. They just come across as narcissistic.

    McGeady is out of line. I don't see a way back for him. I don't see him having the maturity to move on with Strachan. The pressures on a Celtic manager must be great. Strachan has also had to deal with a bigoted approach to his past and I have a better opinion of him than previously. I would be 100% behind the manager and I think we will improve the team.

    The team can be better than the individual parts. We may not get an equally talented player but we may get one as equally effective.

  3. Time will tell, Gerry. We haven't heard McGeady's side of things. The truth is probably in the middle - McGeady is a spoilt dick and Strachan can't handle spoilt dicks (he needs to learn).

    Football isn't rocket science. The team with the best players usually wins. And McGeady is arguably our best player. There is a danger we finish up with a team of yes-men who carry out wee Gordon's instructions to the letter and are even less attractice to watch than the current lacklustre side.

  4. Bobby, I think we have heard McGeady's side of the story and that is the real issue. There is good evidence that he, or his family, gave the story to Hugh McDonald of The Herald last weekend and it was published on Monday. I also listened to the phone-ins during the week and the father of a pal of McGeady was on "to give his side of events". All pretty amateurish news management.

    I'm pretty sure that if McGeady hadn't blabbed to the papers then he would have been dealt with behind the scenes and we wouldn't have known anything about it. Celtic would not have been dragged through the mire. It's funny that it has now come out that Bobo is taking Celtic to UEFA because he has been fined a total of £100k for breaches of contract. Why did we not hear about these fines when they occurred?

    McGeady is a talented player, but not anywhere near a world beater. If he went to England then I'd expect him to have a good first season until manager's realised how to snuff him out.

    The fans sing "he plays on the left, he plays on the right, Aiden McGeady, he makes the huns look shite", but I've yet to see him do that to Rangers since Wattie came back. I don't think we will miss him next Saturday.