Friday, 9 January 2009

Ebay bargain

Item Specifics - Fan Apparel & Souvenirs
Sport: Soccer-British Size: --
Team: -- Gender: Men's
Product: The whole lot Condition: Used

Item Specifics - Item Condition
Condition: Used

Product Type : Debt Ridden Brand : Protestant
Size : Medium Fish, SmallPond Gender : Hairy

Glasgow Rangers Football Club, a once quintessentially Protestant British club, no longer with integrity. Comes loaded with Catholic players(Discounts available).

The item includes: Stadium valued around £3bn by Sir David Murray/HBOS (£1m in the GSPC), 28 players worth around £0, and debt that neither we, nor the bank, can quite work out.

Most saleable assets include: Scotland Sickies Captain barry Ferguson, Age Concern internationalist david Weir, Spanish "regional" International Nacho Novo (and a map to his house), Alan McGregors 15 girlfriends (and a couple of trashed bentleys, each with a disabled parking badge), Kris Boyd (a must have for the keen dealer), Kirk BroadfootWideArse, Carlos Cuellars braces, and next years "Giant" in the Larkhall Loyal Art Centre Presents: Jack and the Beanstalk: Kyle Lafferty.

The contents of the lost property are also available, if unclaimed by the end of the season (27th of December 08). Current items include 10 big drums, a red hand, a sack of potatoes, Lorenzo Amorusos socks with the red stripes, half of the contents of the Trafford Centre, Manchester, and a few giro books, although these are usually snapped up fairly quickly.

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