Friday, 17 April 2009


Tony Bananas' masterpiece has finally been published...

Title: Celtic Paranoia: The Laptop Loyal Diaries

Author: Tony Hamilton

Category: Sports & Adventure


Celtic Paranoia: The Laptop Loyal Diaries delivers a scathing indictment of the standard of Scottish football journalism. The author lambasts the assorted outlets who comprise the Scottish football media, better known to Celtic fans as 'The Laptop Loyal'. The author ridicules the "Old Firm bad as each other" myth which is propagated by the Scottish media agenda with an acerbic wit and humour. From 'Thugs and Thieves' to the Chris Sutton witch-hunt, the apologists for the disgraceful treatment meted out to Lennon and McGeady, through to Extension-gate in 2008, no hack or media lickspittle escapes the author's derision. His synopsis of the 2008 Extension fiasco alone is unmissable reading for any Celtic supporter. The Lickspittle Archives will also leave you incredulous at what has been passed off as credible sports journalism in Scotland. At nearly 400 pages of insightful and merciless ridiculing of "the Laptop Loyal" this is a must read for Celtic fans everywhere.

Copyright Year: © 2009

Print Details: 395 pages, 15.24 cm x 22.86 cm, 6" x 9", perfect binding, cream interior paper

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  1. Well done, Tony. Great achievement. I'll order one soon.