Sunday, 3 May 2009

End of season

I'm not confident about the end of the season. I watched the Celtic game and most of the Rangers game. I think we have the better team. Whittaker and Dailly are weak in defence so I hope they play against us. Rangers look very jammy and this is my worry. The first goal is crucial and we always look like we could concede. I am unsure about Hartley though I don't know if we have a replacement as Robson hasn't played for a while.

I was also watching that Paddy McCourt on Celtic TV and although the opposition are reserves he is phenomenal. Could it possibly be more entertaining to watch a lower level game with McCourt than a really dull Barcelona v Chelsea? Just a thought, it would cost a lot less as well.

Post 704 - good going.


  1. Craig Burley described the Old Firm as "two old racehorses that are too good for the donkeys behind them but not good enough to win an important race". I know what he means. Neither team are very good. So it could go either way. I believe that Celtic are the more experienced (not better) of the two teams but our attitude can be shocking at times and you never know the team that will take to the park. Still, a win at Castle Greyskull is always satisfying so here's hoping.

  2. Oh, and, yes, post 704 is good. The blog is five years old in a few weeks too.

  3. Gerry, Bobby and others.

    It is mad that we are where we are at this stage. We should have sent Rangers into oblivion at Christmas, but didn't spend the money.

    If we win the league now it will be all the sweeter but I could have done without this kind of finish, especially when we don't have the excuse of European games taking precedence.

    If Rangers win the league then we have given them a lifeline. Could that be the plan?

    Anyway, after 5 years is it time to close the site and start something new?

  4. Diggy, the only plan the Celtic Board has is to spend the absolute minimum amount of money required to win the Scottish Premier League. It's a gamble that appears to have mis-fired this season.

    What are you thinking of in place of this blog?