Saturday, 28 November 2009

Celtic v St Mirren

I'm heading to this game with a feeling of dread. Even the alternative, Christmas shopping with Maureen, is looking quite attractive. Please, Celtic, do something to make me feel better.

I currently get more enjoyment watching and listening to Rangers struggle than watching Celtic.

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  1. All in all a decent day. It's funny that in the past I would think after a 1-nil lead that we needed 2 to be safe. I new at 2-nil we needed a third. I'll be happy (sorry happier) if we get to next Saturday night with another 2 victories.

    Why do we miss so many penalties? How hard is it to score from a penalty when leading 3-1 with a couple of minutes to play? I think I could do it.

    I also think that today was the first time I had ever seen a player sending himself off only to be recalled by the referee after a couple of minutes.