Sunday, 22 November 2009

Dundee United 2 Celtic 1

I asked a question a few weeks ago and now is the time to ask it again. Has Tony Mowbray ever made a substitution that has improved the team?


  1. Diggy I can't say as I haven't seen that many games (but I don't doubt you are right). From what I have seen I think we are worse than we were under Strachan. I am not sure but I can't remember Mowbray picking up votes in the blogger poll. I think we look shapeless

    Fortune didn't look good today, doesn't look like a goal scorer. Defence was shocking at the goals and I was worried all second half that Fox would give away a penalty. Do you think we should try 5 at the back with Henkel and Fox overlapping, let McGeady drift in midfield and play 2 up front. Can we play with a target man? Is Killen good enough? Go back a bit to how MON played. We need to win the league this year and it is too much to bear to be beaten by a bankrupt Rangers. Worrying times for Celtic.

    I didn't listen to any post match talk but I found that I couldn't disagee with anything Craig Burley said all game. Which I also find disappointing.

  2. My patience with Mowbray is running out. As Gerry wrote, we're shapeless, drifting from game to game.

    No, Gerry, no-one voted for Mowbray in our blog vote -- and we seem to be vindicated by events.

    His signings are unconvincing (that's the kindest word I can find for Fortune) so it's not likely that more signings in January will transform this team.

    But it's not all his fault. This mediocre bunch of journeymen have taken years to evolve - years of penny-pinching bu the Board, who must share the blame.

    The truth is that this bankrupt Rangers team are better than Celtic.

  3. The answer is no. The same negative response could apply to his signings, tactical ability and ability to inspire players, poor though they are. I'm afraid I think Mowbray should go now, giving us a chance to get someone in place for January to oversee a complete overhaul of this team. The alternative is to leave Mowbray in charge and hope that a)he gets the signings right in January (assuming he gets the money, an admittedly questionable assumption)and b)he gets rid of the majority of the current playing staff who clearly have no belief in him. The anecdotal evidence suggests that the dressing room is in complete chaos and that can only be resolved by either the manager or the players departing.