Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Brown and McGeady "One of Us" - Not for long?

"Aiden McGeady, who has been described in a recent post as the one player you'd pay money to go and see, is very much "one of us" if you take that to mean what some have suggested. Yet I would dispute that I'd pay money to go and see him. Frankly, I'd never know whether I was getting enough bang for my bucks. McGeady is not an enigma as some have suggested, a player who can dazzle one minute and frustrate the next. That's not an "enigma". I've seen players like that all my time watching football. He is inconsistent. A luxury player. We can't afford those."    More.


  1. I can't really undersatand what happened with Brown. I thought he would be a great signing giving some real bite to the midfield winning the ball from the opposition. But he doesn't play the way I thought he would and worst of all he plays those terrible hospital passes. But I can't stop myself from thinking that he might come good. As for McGeady if he's saleable I would sell him.

    I think we can return next year. Lets face it it hasn't cost that much to put SPL teams together. I think we still have players, Rasmussen for one, good goalkeepers, McGinn, the Scandinavian defenders even Loovens can play in the SPL. First priority for the manager is to find leaders for the team a couple of decent experienced pros. Get the league back.

    On the managers I really like Lennon. But liking people isn't enough. The list is good and I'll pick one from it as I don't think Roy Hodgson or Slaven Bilic would be available.

  2. I think Lennon has done enough to show that he is the man for the job. He would get my vote. We don't have time for the new man to begin his "learning curve".