Saturday, 10 April 2010

Was today's result the worst in our lifetime?

Last year I said I wanted Boruc and McGeady out because of their egos. I think the fact that they are still there, and Strachan has gone, is symptomatic of our decline.

McGeady's (non-)performance today is the last straw for me. He is a fairly talented player who offers us very little, but might get us some cash if we transfer him which we can spend on a someone who cares about Celtic.

The fact that John Reid (War Criminal) is our chairman just adds insult to injury. I'm ashamed that he is our chairman and hope that the drop in crowds ends with his departure.

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  1. It was an awful result but I have felt worse after some other Celtic results. I guess that simply reflects how little I expect from the current team. I wasn't kidding when I wrote that Celtic were the weakest of the four teams in the semis. I know one Raith Rovers fan who was genuinely disapointed at not getting Celtic. Events proved him right.

    I agree that guys like McGeady (and Brown) should be shown the door. It would be harder to work out who to keep than who to sell.

    Celtic's decline is alarming and has been happening over a number of years. If it continues, we are in danger of slipping further next season (I mean struggling to finish in the top 4). No wonder Walter Smith wants to come back next season.