Monday, 20 September 2004

George W. Bush military service controversy

What is interesting about this story is not whether Bush used his family's influence to avoid duty in Vietnam (it's patently obvious that he did) but the media's reaction to it.

This man is a born-again Christian who, prior to being re-born,was arrested on at least three occasions (and possibly more). So why the surprise that he dodged duty in Vietnam?

The interesting point is the media's reaction. Instead of pursuing this story of sex, drugs and privelege (grist to their mill one would think) they are attacking the messenger. This in spite of the gist of the story being true: "Marian Carr Knox [the woman who typed the memo] told the Dallas Morning News after viewing copies of the disputed memos, "These are not real," and that "but the information in here was correct, it was picked up from the real ones." [More]

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