Saturday, 11 September 2004

The Scottish Parliament

Patronising or what? No wonder we're a laughing stock. And these guys have the cheek to advise people about project management.


  1. The Scottish Parliament is not my favourite subject as I would have done without it. Without doubt your average MSP is not up to it and very overpaid. We have created another load of officialdom which will be hard to justify in terms of outcomes for the country. The costs of the building at the moment seem obscene but this could be wrong in the long term if it becomes a landmark site and is still pulling in visitors in a hundred years time. No... £430 million divided by a 100 is still an obscene amount of money, even per year. As to the language, I don't know. There is a vocal minority preaching about Scots is it pandering to them or should we let it die. I haven't got a firm view. But I think the translation into community languages - Bengali etc is a good thing.

  2. Gerry - I picked up this story from an American website - which thought it hilarious - which it is - in a sort of sad, hill-billy way.

  3. Sorry, but I really like this site. I also think the Scots language page is fine.

    I'm currently doing some work in Aberdeen and this is their language.

    I was asked "Furry boots are ye styin?".

    The Holiday Inn.