Sunday, 5 September 2004

Protests at the Republican Convention

"They [the police] trained for months to get it right and carried out their jobs with skill and general patience. Yet an operation of this scale could not go off without problems. About 2,000 people were arrested over the course of the week. When protesters began to mass for an unauthorized demonstration, officers sometimes employed orange netting, normally used around construction sites, to scoop up dozens of people at once."

I blinked when I read this. Two thousand people arrested? People "scooped up"? And hardly a word in the media. Four more years for Bush. Guaranteed.


  1. I'm not convinced that 4 more years are guaranteed. I think this is going to be really close again. The real battle starts now around Labor Day.

    The job figures and economy will be crucial, and they are Bush's real weakness.

  2. Wish I could agree. The media decides who wins American (and British) elections and it's voted for Bush. It might be close but put your money on George W.

  3. The internet does amaze me - getting American papers. I at first didn't believe the orange netting, it reminded me of Planet of the Apes. But from the article it seems normal procedure. From what they say the race has been close. Bush was bound to go ahead after the convention and then the 9 11 remembrance but Kerry may pull it back. But I think Kerry has looked like he has panicked a little