Tuesday, 1 February 2005

Celtic complete Bellamy loan deal

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This looks like a brilliant move even if the bloke is a nutter. Racial assaults are a bit worrying. But now that Bobo is staying there may be no more of them. I think this move could win the league and at £45k a week it may be worth it. Especially with Ferguson back at Rangers and the other buys they have made. I think Celtic have looked a bit jaded in the past couple of games. I thought the Henchoz move was good given Balde's recklessness and lack of distribution which we talked about in the European games. But then I started to think about the presence he must have and what it is like physically to play against him. So I'm ok with him staying but with Henchoz also there I wonder what will happen, he may go at the end of the season. I don't fancy a return to three centre backs. Getting rid of Camara was also a good move but what about Juninho. Is he the new Stuart Slater? ( I think that was his name).

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  1. Agree with almost everything you say Gerry, but I'd have been happier getting a fee out of Middlesborough now.

    I'm not sure we'll get much for Bobo at the end of the season even though he has signed on again. I've a feeling Martin really rates him.

    While I think he always gives us his all, and he needs to be appreciated for that, he is a liability in Europe. To build again we need a better player than Bobo.