Friday, 4 February 2005

Holiday blog

I'm posting this from Mombasa in Kenya. Margaret and I in Kenya for our 25th wedding anniversary. We arrived in Mombasa last night, from Nairobi where we spent a week on safari.

The safari was great. We visited four lodges and saw lots of animals. I've got loads of photos some of which I'll post when I get back.

We're currently staying in the Indian Ocean Hotel just outside of Mombasa and it's beautiful. Our house is 20m from the sand and 50m from the sea. It's absolutetely boiling. Around 35C today (and I'm already sunburnt from the safari).

Good news on the transfer front. I'm way behind with the news but I gather that Bellamy signed. I spoke with a Newscastle fan who was glad that he was away. She said he was very talented but disruptive in the dressing room.

Most Kenyans follow the Premiership (I saw last weekend's goals this morning on a TV in the hotel) and most follow Man Utd or Arsenal. The only thing they know about Celtic is that we want into the Premiership!

It's very expensive to go online here so I have to go.

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