Sunday, 20 February 2005

Possible title losing defeat

Quick thoughts on this game. Rab Douglas has played his last game. Too many terrible mistakes in crucial games (Porto cup final the worst). I think Sutton should be upfront with Petrov through the middle. These are our best players and we should play them in their best positions. On the face of it perhaps Bellamy won't be prolific. The postponement last week was a blow. The goal difference looks like it is worth a point. We need to win every game. It might come down to which fixtures are at home. The Rangers goal difference at home is immense. On the plus I thought Balde was great. In fact the defence really didn't look troubled until the goal.

On another note I was surprised by those recent turnover figures where Celtic were earning more than Rangers. Is the business being run correctly? Was there not a case for some investment? Anyway you don't get games like that in Kenya. 25 years where did it go?

1 comment:

  1. I agree that this result could cost us the league. Not that we played that badly (nor Rangers that well) but it will give them a big boost.

    I was unimpressed with Bellamy. Too early to judge him of course but he didn't look particularly special (and given his weekly wage, he better be special).

    A victory today would have put The Forces of Darkness under a lot of pressure. Today's result means that it's Celtic who are under pressure for the next few games.