Tuesday, 19 April 2005

100 greatest albums

I am always suspicious about these kind of things. People were talking about this at work and so I looked at the channel 4 results. I prefer this one. Even with this list I was surprised at how high U2 were as I have never heard "The Joshua Tree" album. I don't mind U2 but I can't stand watching "The Edge" (could anyone really call themselves that?). Radiohead are around 140 on this but as I have never heard them (I know you like them Bobby) I will look them out in the library. My own favourite album is Forever Changes by Love. I would put the Pogues first album on my list of favourite albums and Nick Cave's "The boatman's call" but I don't think either of these are even in the 500.

I don't know if best albums make much sense. I sometimes buy albums or compilations just for one song. Now I suppose you can collect through downloads all the best songs from one artist or group without going to the albums. Albums though hold memories and I suppose that is a factor in making it difficult to judge between them. They bring back emotions rather than allowing aesthetic judgement. However in saying that I thought some people in my work liked shite.

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  1. Interesing list Gerry. I was surprised at some of the albums in the Channel 4 list. "OK Computer" is excellent - but probably not the best album of all time. But your list doesn't have Radiohead in the top 100 - which is equally weird. I'm not a fan of U2 either. "Edge"? "Prick" more like.