Sunday, 3 April 2005

Dire performance

I pretty much agree with Celtic Quick News analysis of yesterday's game. There was a lazy, arrogance about our performance. Anyway, the damage is done. Now we need seven straight wins. I don't think that the current bunch are capable of that. Let's hope that a new goalkeeper is on O'Neill's summer shopping list.

This week's TV highlights include two good movies. The Man with Two Brains is on tomorrow night (BBC1 at 11.45pm) and Vanilla Sky is on next Saturday (Channel 4 at 9.10pm). You get the chance to compare Hollywood's version of the movie with the original Spanish version (Friday, Channel 4 at 12.25am). Both movies are excellent although I preferred the US version.

Here [WMV] is the best description of golf that I've heard [NSFW].


  1. Very disappointing result. I have been hooked reading all those comments on the link. I do wonder about the squad. It must surely be possible to rest some players and give others a chance. If Petrov is so tired it just doesn't make sense to play him. Also Thompson seems ineffective would it really make a difference resting him? I am not sure about Wallace or Maloney. But Fernandez was immense last year for Livingston and I find it hard to believe that given a run he couldn't make it against other Premier league sides. I think there are some definite doubts about O'Neill. Changing the players might make the team that bit less predictable. I like Beattie what's happened to him? I think we need invention in midfield. I like Agathe there on the right with Sutton upfront. I don't suppose they will be back for the Rangers game. I am a bit worried about that game - so that is a measure of how much we have dropped in form as they are nothing much. There must be serious doubts about Hartson lasting 90 minutes each week. Also what does BBJ mean? I must get out more.

    As for Vanilla Sky I see Cruz is in both. Worth watching them both then.

  2. The problem is that whenever MON changes his first choice XI (which includes Agathe and Sutton) we struggle. The team look a little jaded now and seem to have lost some of their hunger.

    BBJ - Big Bad John

    Or as I call him: BTL - Big Tub of Lard.

    Yes, Cruz is lovely.