Sunday, 17 April 2005

This week's TV

This afternoon's FA Cup semi-final (BBC1) is the best football on TV this week and tonight's 100 Greatest Albums (Channel 4) sounds like it will be worth watching. It will be interesting to see which albums (selected by a "panel of music experts" from 125 nominations) make the top 10.

It clashes with Heysal - Requiem for a Cup Final which is also on at 9pm (BBC2). The new series of The Simpsons (Friday, Channel 4) is very good (last week's episode was brilliant) and Friday also has a good movie: Event Horizon at 12.15am (BBC1). Doctor Who continues on Saturday. Excellent special effects and (mostly) good acting don't entirely conceal so-so storylines and highly derivative characters -- Davies has plagiarised from TV (Buffy), movies (most of the special effects) and video games (such as Doom). Still, it beats most TV.


  1. Anonymous6:11 pm

    Since you've changed over to would you mind releasing "thenewstoday"? Thanks!

  2. Happy to - but how do I go about doing this?

  3. Anonymous8:11 pm

    Go to your dashboard and you should see two blogs listed. Click on "thenewstoday" blog, then "Settings". At the bottom of the "Settings" page is a button, "Delete This Blog". Click the button and the blog is deleted! Thanks.

  4. Good to see that "thenewstoday" was wanted. However it doesn't have the same personal resonance for its originators. Although I personally have never been in The Last Post.

  5. I would recommend a film showing at 12.30 tonight- "True Confessions" with De Niro and Duvall. I saw this at the cinema and thought it was great. I will video this and hope that my memory is accurate.