Sunday, 31 July 2005


We're going from bad to worse. To lose nine goals to Artmedia and Murderwell is unbelievable.

When we met after the Scottish Cup Final, Dennis suggested that we should get rid of most of the first team. I disagreed, argueing that we need some continuity. I was wrong. The experienced players are simply not performing. I'm not sure if its because they're past it or maybe they don't like Strachan. But not one of them has kicked a ball.

And that leaves the new signings - none of whom has played well and one of whom should be shot - and the young Celtic players - who, as we know, flatter to deceive.

I have a terrible feeling of deja vu. It's like re-run of the Macari days. We stagger on for a while with Strachan, wasting money on useless players, only to eventually sack him and begin a process of rebuilding. I really hope I'm wrong.

Bye the way, Artmedia are a good bet on Tuesday.

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  1. Yes losing a 3-1 lead and only salvaging a draw in the last minute is pretty woeful. But I think you were right Bobby in not getting rid of a whole team. Sutton and Petrov I think are still well worth keeping. I think either of them would have made a good captain. If the game is played without too much pace against Celtic and where teams are sitting in Hartson still looks loike he can do the business in the penalty box and so this year may still produce the 30 goals we will need.

    As for Strachan's signings we haven't really seen the best ones yet. Virgo from what I've read may well be a good asset, Nakamura, Boruc apparently played well in the friendlies and Aliadiere (spelling?) was bought by Wenger. These could make a difference. Telfer is as expected. But Camara to date beggars belief. Is he down to Strachan alone or was he on MON's list.

    The return of Agathe should help the defence its a pity there is no John Kennedy.

    It was pointed out to me that when Sutton was pole-axed on the ground no-one came over to him, no-one was concerned. Also I'm reading that Strachan has lost the dressing room but how do people know this? Is the Sutton incident a sign of this?

    I don't think Strachan is as bad as Macari. But I do have concerns about him and I wonder about taking someone into by far his biggest club who has been out of the game. I thought Motherwell was an improvement (it couldn't be anything else) and it is usually a difficult fixture. Maloney and Beattie looked quite good but McGeady needs a break as does Marshall.

    We need a good win tomorrow to start getting the confidence back.