Monday, 11 July 2005

This Godless Communism

A Catholic comic published in the Sixties features a series on Communism.


  1. There was something great about comics. I'm not sure what it was, I can't really define it but I'm sure I learned a lot from them. I never read many books when I was in primary school but I read comics. Also I think the illustrations are great. I remember copying the drawings. In this communism one the very first cover shows how good the illustrators were. If you look at Lenin he's flinching away from the fighting - pinko commie coward!

    It's a really good website. I was listening to the Malcolm X speech and I will probably listen to some others

  2. I was a big comic reader too. Batman, Superman and Fantastic Four fan. There was definitely something special about them - or maybe we were just "media poor" compared to today's kids?

    It must be in the genes since Maria loves comics too. She has a fantastic collection of Batman and specialist comics.