Wednesday, 27 July 2005


Be positive at least performances cannot get any worse. I thought Telfer and Maloney got pass marks. I couldn't blame Marshall either. But what about this bloke Camara? Will he play on Saturday? I thought he was suspect at three of the goals and I am beginning to wonder if he will play again.

All aspects of the team were awful. Could we score 5 to get into extra time? I am not giving up hope - early goals could change the tie. But it is a dreadful thought to have no European football at all this season.


  1. I missed the game since I'm on holiday in Barcelona. Walking down La Ramblas around 10pm last night I asked a family wearing the Hoops about the score. I thought that they were taking the piss when they told me. Then I realised
    that they weren't laughing.

    I saw the goals this morning on the BBC World service. It was the lead sports story. The presenter sounded genuinely shocked at the result. Strachan's future at the Club was questioned.

    Results like last night's (and the Motherwell game) are not about skill - they are about attitude. Artmedia's captain claimed that the Celtic players treated it like a friendly:

    Strachan clearly failed to prepare and motivate the players, and for that he should be utterly ashamed of himself. But the players must take most of the blame. The same appalling attitude was apparent at the end of last season.

    There are times when supporters need to get behind their team and times when they need to give them a rocket up the arse. This is the time for a rocket. We're paying for a bunch of over-paid primma donnas who couldn't be arsed winning the league last season, couldn't be arsed training over the summer and couldn't be arsed preparing for last night's game. How much do we pay Thompson, Hartson and co? If these guys were professional they wouldn't need
    a coach to motivate them but it looks that without 100% of MON's attention they just fall apart.

    BTW Barcelona is a great city. There were lots of Hoops to be seen around town - and not a single Rangers top. Not that I expect to see many Hoops today. I'm embarrassed to be a Celtic supporter.

  2. Hope you are still able to enjoy Barcelona. A bloke in the work went there a couple of months ago for his son's stag weekend!! He was amazed by the number of prostitutes. Apart from that it sounded great.

    If you ever want a report on the game I read a good one at