Monday, 29 August 2005

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Balde had a reasonable game against Dunfermline and if he played at this level for the rest of the season it would be worthwhile keeping him. We have to remember that Dunfermline are one of the three worst teams in the league but the Celtic performance was better.

Zurawski looked like a player but Nakamura again wasn't in the game much. But there was a legion of 3 Japanese supporters in the stands so his money spinning attributes are starting to pay off. Good to see we are ahead of Rangers who I think have to make some more buys if they are to have a chance of winning the league. I think they won't be half the team they are without Prso. I am hoping for a Prso injury.


  1. Our defence still looks fragile -- but Bobo looks the best thing in it. God knows what it would be like without him since the rest of them appear to have forgotten how to head a ball.

    But his attitude annnoys me. He couldn't be arsed trying at the end of last season or the beginning of this season but got the finger out after Marseille snubbed him.

    Don't agree that TFOD need new players to win the league. We're quite capable of handing them the league without that.

  2. Billy8:28 am

    How he ever got a contract like that is beyond me.
    Was it O'Neills doing or some business genius upstairs.
    So Strachan cannot plan his defence as he doesn't know if Balde is staying or going at the last minute. If he goes his wage bill can be used for a new player but he may go just before the deadline leaving it too late to buy.

    Balde in the premiership, your having a laugh.