Saturday, 20 August 2005

Rangers - 3 Celtic - 1

I didn’t see today’s game but by all accounts it was a pretty straight-forward victory for Rangers.
It tells its own story that I was a little relieved to be told that Rangers were only winning 2-0 with 10 minutes to go. I feared worse before the game. This Celtic team are there for the taking against a decent team. Fortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a decent team in the SPL.

The new signings aren’t working. Not one could be called a success. The two “big name” signings (I hadn’t heard of either of them) – Nakamura and Zurawski – look a bit light-weight. I really hope that Nakamura is more than a part-time showman.

I like listening to Strachan since he talks sense and it’s too early to judge him. But so far, so bad.


  1. I wasn't confident about the game. I was particularly worried about Camara. Overall this was the best game I have seen him play. I think there is something in the lightweight comment. The people coming in don't look like the big players we had in the last few years but are now (with the exception, I think, of Petrov)on the wane. I can't see any of the new people really taking hold of a game. However we started playing quite attractive football and I wasn't too concerned, but the sending off changed everything. There wasn't much chance we would hold out as even with eleven men we could always lose a goal. After the goal the game was over. Rangers could have had four.

    There were too really poor aspects tf the game. One was that Thompson's tackle was completely unnecessary. Though I thought it was a booking - it was a very bad tackle. Also Lennon was totally out of order at the end. To be captain of Celtic you need to be bigger than that. I personally think it might be good for the team to be without these players for a while. We do still need Agathe and Sutton back.

    I think with our best players we will be better than Rangers and we will recoup these three points against them. As for the league although it is early days I get the feeling that the standard is a bit better than last year. Hearts may be difficult at Tynecastle and if they keep going like this they will grow in confidence. I think the title outcome will depend a lot more this year on how we do against other sides rather than against Rangers.