Wednesday, 3 August 2005

Not convinced

Last night was a big improvement over recent performances. But I'm not convinced we've turned any corners. The optimism (short memories?) of some Celtic fans amaze me. They're now talking about winning the treble. The fact is, we needed six goals and got four. I've got a niggling feeling that Artmedia were never that worried.

Strachan's problems are the same today as they were yesterday: the squad is a mix of jaded experienced players, hot-and-cold young players, and unproven new players.

I really hope that Strachan turns out to be a good coach. But, the fact remains, he's made a dreadful start.

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  1. Agreed we can't draw anything really for this. They were down to 10 men for about 6-7 mins looking for a spare shirt when we got our second!

    It was a definite improvement on the two previous games but there is certainly a long way to go. We have to concentrate on winning the league and having a better team in place for the qualifying games next year. Then we will surely be without Lennon, Hartson and Thompson at least. We also need a new back four this year. At least two new people. I think Telfer will get by but I am not sure about the other three even for this league campaign. Some talk of Kennedy coming back and still to see Virgo. So this year is certainly about rebuilding but winning the league at the same time. Rangers will have some European games to consider while we concentrate on domestic only.

    I thought at least the team played more like a unit but in reality they weren't much opposition. I wonder how we would have fared against a top class side - beaten out of the park probably. There are still some new players to see yet and Sutton and Agathe to come back. I think we need Agathe for the Rangers game. It will be interesting to see how the new Japanese boy handles it. (Can't remember his name - bloody dementia).