Saturday, 14 January 2006

Strachan's rollercoaster continues

At 2-0 today I said that the game was not over. At 2-2 I was confident that
we would score again. That's what it's like being a Celtic supporter these
days. We have a kamikaze defence, a schizophrenic midfield and a decent
attack. Never a dull moment. Every time we or the the opposition attack, a
goal is on the cards.

Nakamura typifies the team. Lightweight, unpredictable, at times sublime,
and at times infuriating. It's the antithesis to last season when MON
fashioned a team that was deadly predictable - and deadly boring.

Strachan needs to reign in some of the creativity. I don't want to go back
to MON's style of play - but I want some of the uncertainty removed. We
could play Renfrew Juniors next weekend and lose. He needs to find a little
consistency. And if that means losing some flair then so be it.

I supported Strachan's appointment but unless he sorts out some of these
problems now he might not be the man for the job. If we're heading in the
right direction, we're going in a pretty round-about way.

1 comment:

  1. Yes strange season so far with two humiliations yet seven points clear. I think just strengthening the defence with better players would probably not reduce the flair. Balde Telfer and McManus have no flair anyway.

    Once the defence is sorted the team doesn't look too bad especially with Maloney in midfield and the front two as Saturday. On the defence what happened to Camara? Can McManus improve or will he always do crazy tackles, right enough Keane doesn't look his timing is right either. I wonder what the influence of Keane will be. If he continues at the back don't see him making five yard passes to Lennon.