Sunday, 15 January 2006

Sven caught with his pants down again


  1. I had heard this on the radio and Alan Mullary linking Sven's admiration for Beckham to his reluctance to replace him at the European Championships, when he was rubbish.

    He must think a lot of himself but he has been pretty poor with England given the really exceptional players they have. You look at those players and think you could manage them yourself. Put them in positions and tell them to play, it looks that easy. But Sven will put Rooney on the wing. They have won nothing with him and made a meal of qualifying. I don't think they will win the World Cup even with players like Rooney, Owen, Lampard, Cole, Gerrard, Terry. Every position with a good player and some with world class. His comments have made it difficult for players. I would get rid of him now if I were in the English FA - too many times with his pants down. It is a possibility that they could win the world cup forty years on from 66 but I don't think they will with Sven.

  2. I agree. Sven is the best coach that Scotland has ever had. The guy is presiding over some of the most talented players in Europe - and he has achieved nothing. He's too busy chasing pussy and money. Under him, I don't think England stand a chance of winning the WC. Keep it up Sven!

  3. I think he is worth every penny of his £4.5 million per year but I also think that Goerge Bush deserved to get into Harvard and Yale.
    Get big Sam Allardice to replace him.